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Your peak is now


As you get older things change. The years go by, time flies, people come, go, and we deal with aging. Most people tend to reach there peak at an early age, then life kicks them in the ass and it is a slow spiral downward.

You may even become successful, but other areas of your life take a hit which could be your health, divorce, loss of job, death and so on.

You look at the high school icon that was the most popular in school. He for the most part peaks in high school because he got everything he wanted at an early age. Things were easy for him, thus life kicks him in the ass and he tends to give up.

“You were the man in high school, what the fuck happened to you?”
-50 cent

Woman tend to peak at an early age if they don’t take care of themselves. That high school cheerleader is married, fat and settled for that same jock who is lazy, now fat and also settled because he felt he couldn’t do any better. Now you got two fat, lazy people who settled in life and are staying together for the kids. The woman becomes the man in the relationship and doesn’t take care of her looks. The man goes along for the ride and it is a downward spiral to mediocre unhappiness like most of married America. I am sort of going on a rampage but I hope you get the point.

You don’t have to settle

Matter of fact you can strive to get better each day. Improve on your self and your age will only be a number. If you are young which I consider anywhere from 18-26, you should be focused on being the best version of yourself.

Your peak is today

Once you are moving forward and making positive changes which results in positive outcomes that should be your primary goal.

You are the most important person.


Take care of yourself.

Your health should be a priority.

Your life should be a priority.

It all starts with making sure you are taking care of you.

Surround yourself with the right people.

You are who your friends are.

Don’t ever fall off and if you do make sure you are aware of it and work on fixing it . Don’t be a statistics and let your young age be your peak. Take off the rose colored glasses. Time is now and your peak is today.

Making the best of everyday

Your mindset upon waking up is so important. It lays out how your day is going to turn out. Gratitude is a big part of a successful morning. You should wake up, conquer, rinse and repeat. Stretching your muscles and positive thoughts are key to starting your day off right.

As long as you are continuing to grow and learn as you age, you will only reach peak upon death.

Your brain is the most important tool to build but your body should not be neglected.

Superfitmen tells you how to build the body you want but fitness is so much more, then physical appearance. Other aspects of your life should never be neglected.

Growing, learning from experiences, conquering new plateaus, embracing change, and remaining positive are a few ways to stay at your peak level everyday.

Don’t settle and know your worth.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

-Henry Ford



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