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Your mental gymnastics will not win you the gold


Thinking before you act has been a proven way to get things done in your life. You must act upon instinct and at the same time try not to make the wrong decision.

Your mind can play tricks on you in a certain extent and can also hinder your desired outcome. Your self talk is so important to your well being and if there is a sign of weakness, it can throw a monkey wrench in your life goals.

Positive thoughts should surpass negative thoughts.

This is common sense but often hard to do in times of despair or worry.

Over thinking outcomes, future desires and “what if” scenarios will only differ you to reaching your ultimate goal.

Your purpose in life should not be taken lightly but planned in execution for success. Although over thinking outcomes and playin mental gymnastics will cause you not to react in the present moment.

So many missed opportunities will occur if you are over thinking and not following your natural reaction.

The bus will pass you by, the opportunity will be gone and it will only be a memory of ” if only” replaying in your end and continuing mental gymnastics.

Everything is not meant to be perfect so reacting in the now and relying on your gut instinct is the way to make positive change.

Purpose planning should not be confusion with over analyzing.

Goal setting should not be confused with mental gymnastics.

When you see something go and get it.

When you want something go and take it.

Your time on this planet is getting shorter as the days go on.

Procrastination will get you no where.

The only thing we have is the present.

Future is not guaranteed.

The past is gone.

Now is the only time.

Don’t over think and play the outcome in your head.

Fear is only as big as you see it in your mind.

When you fear something it usually isn’t as bad as it really is. Once you learn to live in uncertainty and do things that are out of your comfort zone then you see positive changes in your life.

The mental gymnastics of thinking things through, playing out the good and bad then reacting will only slow up your progress. Don’t get it confused with planning for your success. You should have goals but don’t have excuses for not following them.


Here are ways to fight your mental gymnastics

When you want to do something just do it and do it fast.

Don’t let your head get in the way of your heart.

Your emotional center in your chest is what should lead you to making moves. Once it goes up to your head and start thinking, it will only do harm.

Should feel and then do.

We as adult are already socialized to know what is wrong and right so a decision will be hardly bad if we make moves with confidence.

The way a child acts is a good example of not letting your mind take over. When a child feels pain he cries. When a child laughs he is happy. He does not think what others will think or what the outcome will be. He feels his emotions and shares.

React with your gut and just do it.

Being a superfitman is all about creating a simple solution. We should be simplifying and reducing information so we don’t fall in the trap of mental gymnastics. Don’t blame others but take responsibility for your actions and react accordingly. The mental challenges you create will only cause problems.

Apply for that job now!

Approach that girl now!

Start that workout plan now!

Not tomorrow but today!

Make decisions and stick to it!

Make rational choices and do it without regret.

You live and you learn.

Every day, hour, minute is an opportunity.

Small changes done daily create big results.

Treat your brain right and it will treat you right.



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