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Why you should only drink water… And alcohol?

Water is the most refreshing, purest and honest beverage that will be the biggest part in changing your physique.


If you only drink water it will cut out all the unnecessary calories that you been getting from these soft drinks you been drinking.


You want to only get calories from food.


Cutting out all these beverages such as soda, juice, ice-tea etc will leave more room for the foods you love.


You can really eat what we you want if you know how to eat throughout the day.


Stop drinking soda


If you are drinking soda stop right now.

Not Tommorrow or not next week.

You must stop now even if it diet soda.


This will cause you to lose somewhere from 5 -10 pounds if you do so.


Well depending on where you are in your fitness journey that is.


The sugar the carbs and the sodium is no good for the results you desire.


This may be common sense but I still see people resorting to soda, energy drinks, high sugar, high carb drinks and they expect to see great results.


Cut the soda and never look back.


Don’t drink juice


All these juices have too much sugar and a lot of other ingredients in them.


High fructose corn syrup is in many juices and they are high in calories.


Having a piece of fruit instead of the juice will be more beneficial to your goals.


Only juice you should have is the juice that will go into an alcoholic beverage.


With that in mind let me explain about drinking alcohol.


Now why should I be drinking alcohol?


You need to enjoy yourself in life and in being an effortless alpha male.


If you do drink and go out you can have alcoholic beverages.


You can have it in moderation.


With the philosophy I set forth you can drink what and whenever you want as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.


In other words don’t be an alcoholic. That’s a disease you don’t want in your life.


What alcoholic beverages should you drink?


Anything you desire but I recommend an old fashion. It’s a great drink, classy and does the job.


A man should inspire to drink in moderation and hold his own.


Beer is ok too but you should prepare yourself when you are taking in so much calories in a beverage.


That’s why intermittent fasting is so important to live the effortless alpha lifestyle.


Beer of choice for me is stella , Heineken or corona but I don’t discriminate.


How to prepare to drink whatever you want


intermittent fasting should be applied and also a light day of eating.


So if you are drinking in the evening (which I hope you are) you can enjoy as much drinks as you like.


Fruit is great to push your hunger further into the day. Also when there is drinks there is usually food.


So timing your intake is essential.


The amount of calories you don’t intake the amount of calories you can intake in the evening which includes drinking as much as you like.


Benefits of drinking only water

Clearer skin

Maintain the balance of body fluid

Helps control calories

Helps energize muscles

Helps your kidneys

Prevents and treats headaches

Helps relieve constipation

Helps prevent hangovers

Helps with weight loss



  • Only drink water
  • Drink soda, juice or any other drink only with alcohol
  • When drinking alcohol try to prepare yourself in
  • advance with pushing your meals further in the day.
  • Have fun and live your great life effortlessly and follow my advice.


You should be enjoying life and be able to do whatever you want and also maintain a great physique with a six pack.


You can drink a six pack and still keep a six back. Believe it or not!


Comment what your favorite drink and how water plays a role in your fitness goals



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