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Why You Should Be Meditating

What is meditation?

Meditation is a strong mental tool by which you can train your mind or create a state of consciousness. Mediation is oriented towards acquisition of a distinct benefit or focusing towards a desired end. Mediation is not a singular phenomenon. It is very diverse in its manifestations and how it can be practiced. In any form meditation is meant to promote internal energy and relaxation. The practitioner aims at developing human virtues like generosity, gratitude, compassion, patience, forgiveness, etc. In its most advanced applications, meditation is made so intense that it focuses on a single point and achieves it successfully. This is in fact the strongest form of meditation.

How meditation can work for you?

• The health benefits of meditation: Meditation has greater health benefits than once considered. Though meditation is around for centuries, but it was after scientific studies and psychological analysis that the true potential of meditation was realized.

Human body is a complex mechanism where the mental faculty ultimately has a strong linkage with physical health. How a man develops himself mentally has got a lot to do with how his body behaves physically in terms of health.

Meditation would affect you mainly in 3 ways:

1. Improves the Focus which in turn improves your control over your body and mind. You get the benefit of:
• Increased mental focus and strength
• Better ability to recall and retain in your memory
• Boost in creative thinking ability and cognitive skills.
• Better power to make decisions and solve problems
• Superior ability to process information
• Reduced susceptibility to distractions
• Assists in managing and overcoming ADHD.
• Increases your attention focus
• Leaves you with a feeling of eternal connection

2. Meditation once used in conjunction with diet control and sports can ​​result in 50% less disease and your body would have:
• Improved cardiac and respiratory rates
• Enhanced energy levels and immunity
• Reduced blood pressure
• Improved mental alertness and balance
• Reduced inflammation and asthma
• Helps in reducing menstrual issues in women like PMS and menopausal syndromes
• Known to help in Fibromyalgia and HIV
• Substantially decreases your ageing rates
• Helps you in overcoming sleep related disorders
• It is known to improve metabolism rates and help in weight reduction

3. Meditation is most assistive in emotional wellbeing where it can result ​in 75% less depression, 30% less anxiety and up to 65% enhanced well-​being. On the emotional front, meditation would:
• Reduce the anxiety, worry and impulsive behavior
• Marked reduction in fear, stress, lonesome feeling and depression
• Improve your personal acceptance and esteem
• Make you more resilient against emotional pain and adverse circumstances
• Make you more aware, relaxed and aware
• Helps in lowering the emotional eating and smoking levels
• Induce good moods and intelligence
• Gives you better chances of social acceptability
• Imparts a feeling of harmony with nature and divine powers
• Helps you connect with your inner being and motivates in transforming into a more productive and better human being.

The Last Word

There are literally thousands of ways and techniques for meditation. They are as diverse as the range of people practicing them. Irrespective of the technique involved, meditation is focused on achieving control over your own body and mind to drive them into a happy union. It has proven emotional, psychological and health benefits for an alpha male. You would be a better person on every level. Pick a technique of your choice and start meditating today.



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