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Why coffee is your biggest Allie in creating the body of your dreams

When I was young I was never a coffee drinker.


Actually I was amazed how adults drank it. A hot beverage that had no real flavor to it.


A young kid I didn’t know any better.

I never tried it with cream and sugar just saw it as an adult drink that I would never like.

Well when I grew up and reached my 20s I came a liking to it.

I use to drink it while at work packed with sugar and milk and it made it not taste so bad. It was pretty good actually with all the different flavors they sell like vanilla and hazelnut.

It would give me a little pump in the morning and get me going. I still didn’t think much of the drink but when it was available I would give it a go.


As my love for coffee grew I would never realize that it would play a big roll in my positive change to my physique.


How coffee played a roll in my fitness life


intermittent fasting intermittent fasting intermittent fasting …


Should I say it again?


if you don’t know what intermittent fasting is there are plenty of information on the Internet about it. I will soon be doing an article on it as well.


But Wake up and drink coffee and only coffee for up to 5 hours from when you wake up.


Coffee is a hunger suppressor and if you sip coffee through out your morning you will fight off hunger and be so focused through out the day to handle your life’s purpose.


The reason for the fitness advice I give is so it is effortless to get the body of your dreams so you can handle more important things in your life.


Devote the your time to your life mission not fitness.


How should you drink your coffee ?


Well I recommend you drink your coffee how I like my woman …


Black and bitter…



But on a real note I recommend black but I would be lying to you if I said I always drink it black.

I recommend you only put a splash of skim milk in your coffee if you can’t handle it black.

The point is to make it calorie free and a splash of skim milk won’t make a big difference.



Do not put sugar in your coffee. That will defeat the purpose.



You can take a week to slowly take sugar and cream out your coffee by putting less and less in the cup from day to to day.


In a week you can easily rid yourself of the sugar and cream that is making your coffee unhealthy.


Fat loss and only morning coffee


Your body will be forced to lose fat if you only drink coffee in the morning.


Once you go 14 to 16 hours without eating (this is including how you are not eating while you are sleeping) your body has nothing else to burn but fat.


Kellogg is a smart guy and he made millions off his cereal but who said that you must eat as soon as you wake up?

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?


Some questions that you should ask yourself when you see the obesity rate of Americans skyrocketing.


“I have to eat something in the morning .. I can’t go without breakfast”


This is all in your head if you are saying this!



Habits can be created and broken within 2 weeks.

It is a small sacrifices for big results.

I should also say I don’t recommend abusing coffee.

Caffeine is drug and I only recommend a morning coffee.

I am guilty of an afternoon cup too but don’t let it get out of hand.

Use the morning coffee as fuel for when you go out there and hunt.

You wake up, drink coffee and hunt for your food.


Food is a distraction in the morning and the coffee will enhance your brain to make your mission in life a success.


Benefits of coffee

  • Improves energy levels and makes you smarter
  • Helps you burn fat
  • Improves physical performance
  • Protective effects on the liver
  • Fights depression and makes you happier
  • Lower the risk of stroke and certain cancers



  • Only drink coffee in the morning
  • Handle your life mission
  • Sip on it for around 5 hours upon waking up.
  • No sugar or cream in your coffee
  • Only splash of skim milk if needed
  • Don’t abuse it
  • Wake up, coffee, hunt and repeat


Comment below about your love of coffee



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