Are you a SuperFitMan?


See for yourself – these are the 22 principles that any SuperFitMan follows.


A SuperFitMan:


1. Makes smart and calculated decisions, and consistently acts upon them.


2. Is determined to be increasingly fit – both physically and mentally – every day.


3. Acts with clear intentions towards the accomplishment of his planned and expected outcomes.


4. Is an achiever who thinks and acts positively, focusing on the key importance of the present.


5. Is grateful every day for his accomplishments, while always striving to accomplish more.


6. Has a warrior-inspired outlook on life, waking up, hunting, eating and enjoying each and every day.


7. Knows that what he does for a living is not work, but a by-product of his mission.


8. Figures that the habits that he creates are the ingredients that shape what he becomes.


9. Appreciates the aesthetics of his well-cared-for body, and naturally keeps it that way, without ever thinking in terms of effort.


10. Lives for himself, thus being able to provide for his loved ones.


11. Proactively acknowledges and embraces his weaknesses, turning them into strengths that help him achieve his goals.


12. Knows his strength increases every day, as an expression of the change that he constantly pursues.


13. Realizes that his happiness is not dependent on anyone but himself.


14. Learns about what he doesn’t know, and persistently uses the knowledge he acquires to better himself.


15. Uses food as fuel and enjoys the so-called guilty pleasures with no guilt, just the right dose of moderation.


16. Does not read books – he studies them.


17. Faces setbacks as learning experiences that he is grateful for, turning them into opportunities that help him grow.


18. Has discipline imbedded into each and every one of his commitments.


19. Sees wealth as being determined by what he gives, and never by what he takes.


20. Acknowledges and performs Calisthenics as his fundamentals.


21. Is always fashionable as a reflection of his refined taste and of his balanced self-esteem, which is greatly rooted in how he treats his body.


22. Is always happy to take chances being mindful of the risk-reward calculation that presides to his every decision.

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