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What is the most important body part to build?

Bodybuilding should be fun and not the main focus of your life.

That being said it, to answer the question it depends what level of fitness you are on.

It’s going to take more effort if you are over weight and just starting out then a young 18 year old that already has a pretty good physique.

Different goals for different people but it is all the same at the end which is looking good with clothes on and with your clothes off.

Many people I see at the gym workout many different body parts with mediocre results.

Doing strange exercises that will not only be useless in the real world but also risk injury in the future.


Simple is better when it comes to fitness.

Minimal work to gain maximum results.


As body building grows people tend to forget the main exercises that build a man to look like a real man.

You don’t have to do the latest trend of exercises that claim miracles.

Reinventing the wheel will only hinder and waste time in your fitness goals.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a whole array of exercises that work. I am just here today to say that there are certain body parts that will be best to build as a superfitman.



Those things right below your head are key to getting your physique right.

You want broad shoulders and a small waste. That effect on your whole body will ultimately make you look good no matter what.

Standing shoulder presses are great cause it becomes a whole body workout mainly building your shoulders.

Side raises will also work wonders to create a wide appearance as long as your waist is smaller.

Big shoulders and a small waist are key to the superfitman look.



I won’t beat around the bush but you know how important having toned well proportionated arms are.

You will look good in clothes and out of them.

With a low percent body fat you will see all the cuts and it will show in what you wear.

Picking certain fitted clothes is extremely important when you have a low body fat but that is another article and another time.

Make sure you work on your triceps as much as your biceps. Triceps is 2/3rds of your arms and working on them will work wonders with giving size to them.


Upper chest

I will save the best for last.

The bench press has been the staple for every person working out in the gym.

Everyone that is into working out always asks the question… “What do you bench?”.

Now I feel to get the most out of your chest exercises you should be focusing on the incline bench.

The upper chest is the most important because that is what gives the chest the box shape and the cut down the middle.

Also when you wear shirts that is often what is seen.. The upper chest.

Also neglecting the upper chest will result in bitch tits and we don’t want any part of those.

You get your weight up on the incline bench press you will see wonders to your physique.

I am not saying neglect the flat bench or the dumbbell flys but keep the focus on the upper chest and you will see the best results.



All body parts are important to work on but these are the key components to building that superfitman body effortlessly.

Stick to the basics and see great results.

Keeping body fat low and focusing on these key muscle groups without neglecting other body parts will create maximum results.



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