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What Do SuperFitMen Eat At Subway?

It’s the sandwich place that “they” consider healthy.

Subway…Eat fresh?

But is this really eating healthy?

Most may think yes and others will think no.

A SuperFitMen doesn’t fall victim to ploys by chain fast food restaurants.

He does his own research.


Let’s break down what kind of food is at subway

You have a few different choices of fresh bread.

Cold cuts that I really don’t know where they are coming from. (But what I do know about cold cuts is that they have high sodium and are not really fresh).

Although like everything in life…if eaten in moderation it is allowed.

You also have the so called chicken and other types of meats that is all microwaved being served at this fine establishment.

Then a whole line of fresh vegetables to decorate your sandwich or salad with.


Now what should you eat at subway

The best option for a man looking to eat healthy, living his purpose to conquer his dreams and goals is the double chicken chopped salad.

The great thing about the double chicken chopped salad is you can get whatever you want in the salad for the same cost (which is around 8 dollars).

It is fast and easy and full of protein for a working man who wants to stay fit.


Which chicken to choose

Subway has a few different types of chicken to choose from.

Years ago I use to get the chicken breast but then after it tasting like hot dog meat I took a break from the subway salad.

Although since they started pushing their new chicken strips I decided to visit subway again.

These chicken strips are suppose to be healthier, no artificial flavors, less sodium etc.

They are still microwaved but with something needed quick and healthy…this salad is a great choice.

I love diner salads but they are not quick, they are extremely pricey and they are hit or miss to be honest with which diner you go to.


The double chicken chopped salad

Ask for the double chicken chopped salad.

Tell them you want the chicken strips.

Add everything from cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, peppers and don’t forget the lettuce.

I tend to get almost everything in my salad along with cheese.


The dressing

I like the honey mustard but you can’t go wrong with the oil and vinegar.


A great first meal if you are a busy working man

To break a fast or something light that won’t slow you down the double chicken chopped salad is a good choice.

The good thing about chain restaurants is that you pretty much know what you are getting each time you order it and it is fast.


Comment about what you get at subway



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