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What Are The Glamour Muscles?

glamour muscles

When I go to the gym I see the same people doing the same exercises and there bodies don’t change. Maybe I see them too often and I don’t see the body transformation or maybe they are working out wrong.

I mention the glamour muscles in videos and articles and I get the question asked…

What are the glamour muscles?”

I will discuss further what the glamour muscles are and how to use them to look good naked and with clothes on.

First Things First

Clothing is pretty much simple when it comes to guys. We don’t have sun dresses, strapless contraptions or tons of accessories to deal with. We wear shirts and pants. Most of the time pants and if not, than shorts. What I am getting at here is huge legs is not necessary when building a great body.

If your building tree trunk thighs your pants won’t fit. And if they do fit you will look kind of lame in huge wide pants. I give bodybuilders much credit and it takes a lot of dedication and discipline to be one. Building a lot of muscle and staying lean is hard work! Having said that we want to look good in clothes so there are certain body parts that show through clothes.


super fit men shirt fit

Your Shirt Fit

Your shirt needs to be fitted. Not real tight just fitted and possibly tailored. Depends what I mean by shirt though right? All of them!

T-shirts should fit well and long sleeve button downs should be fitted. The more fitted your shirt is the better and more fit you will look. Finding a good tailor and shopping at the right stores are key to having your clothes fit well. Glamour muscles will be displayed when the shirts fit well.


The Glamour Muscles

These are the body parts that are showcased when wearing clothes. When you wear a short sleeve t-shirt you see your arms. Having fit arms is key to looking good in t-shirts. Also the shoulder to waist ratio must be on point so building broad shoulders is also a must.

Ask a woman how much a boxer weights before a fight when he is on his way down the ring and takes his shirt off. She will most likely give a higher weight amount then he is. It’s because of the cuts and the shoulder to taut waist ratio.


(Click HERE to Watch on YouTube)


The Body Parts That Matter

->List of body parts that matter when it comes to showcasing your glamour muscles.


-Shoulders -Upper chest -Biceps -Triceps


These are the body parts that will make you look fit if you are at a reasonably low body fat.


Before Going Out

Before you go out on a Friday night or any night you could do a quick glamour muscle workout. Do a circuit training of the muscles I listed above. A 10-12 rep range workout mixed with super setting these muscles will make them pop out of your clothes.

Also possible to create the shrink-wrap effect if done correctly. Click here to learn more about the shrink-wrap effect.

Don’t Neglect Other Body Parts

Now don’t focus on the glamour muscles and the glamour muscles only. You have other body parts to take care of such as legs, back and of course abs. Going to the gym and working out your struggling body parts are key to breaking plateaus and seeing positive changes in your body. Keep progressing as you age.


glamour muscle workout

A Sample Glamour Muscle Workout


Standing shoulder press – 5 sets
Weighted pull ups – 5 sets
Incline bench press – 5 sets
Bicep curls and triceps rope pull down super set – 5 sets
Dumbbell shoulder raises – 5 sets
*mix calisthenics in-between sets here and there*


In The End

Try a glamour muscle workout before going out to a club, lounge, on a date or just going to meet with friends. See how you fit in clothes and tell me if the workout helped you gain more confidence.

Don’t forget to stretch and work on cardio as well. You don’t want to be the stiff muscle head at the event. You want to look like you go to the gym while not looking like you go to the gym. Hope this helped and have a great night!




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