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What and how to order at Chipotle

When I first heard about Chipotle I thought it was just another taco fast food chain.

It took me a while to give it a chance to see what it was all about.

Once I gave it a try I soon learned that it is so much more.

Fresh food done fast which is healthy.


To build muscle and live your effortless alpha lifestyle you can use the food at Chipotle for best results.

It sure tastes good as well.

Let me first tell you what I order at chipotle to keep it healthy.


The Chipotle bowl

The first thing I ask for is a salad bowl.

Then add Brown rice to it.

The good thing about Chipotle is they don’t really charge for more food. You can add everything on the table and it will be the same price.

The bowl is the best bet because you will do without the man made breads like tortillas with the burritos and tacos. You can get everything in a bowl you like.

Like I said I ussally go with the salad bowl, brown rice, black beans, peppers and onions, chicken, tomatoes, corn, cheese, and guacamole on side if I want to add those extra calories and good fat.


This is a big healthy meal that can also help you build muscle.


Double the chicken


Add the extra chicken to add more protein.


Your goal in building your great physique is to always have protein in your meals.

Chicken or even the steak.

You can also do chicken and steak to switch it up a bit.

It will be an extra charge to double your protein but it is worth it to keep you full and satisfied.


How to order your protein


Now I use this trick to get the most bang out of your buck.


This also helps not having to get triple protein.


When they usually give you triple protein they would give the third helping in a little plastic container that they usually put the guacamole in.

You don’t want this to happen.

So when you tell the person working at Chipotle you want chicken or whatever protein you want let them put it in the bowl.


Do not tell them at first that you want double meat.


Let the person put the spoon down and walk away.



Then say to them “oh wait I want double meat” and then tell them “you can put a lot in there.” This causes more protein and is usually the same amount as triple protein.

Some employees are more generous then others but this always works for me to get the most protein.


Get the guacamole on the side


If you decide to get the guac…


Get it on the side so you have more control of how much you want.


l don’t bother with the sour cream or the other sauces because I feel I don’t need them.

I like sour cream but leave it out and do yourself the same favor.

You can add anything to your bowl and it will be just fine but if you over do it then you can’t make it a habit.


Tell me about your Chipotle experience and what you order in the comments.



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