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essentials: weighted pull ups and dips


I stress so much why pull ups and dips are so important in building your perfect body.

Time and time again I will write an article about how they changed my life.

It is also funny how I don’t see anyone in the gym doing pull-ups and dips.

That bench press is always taken but the pull up bar stands alone.

Ok , there are a few guys(and girls) I see hitting up that pull up and dip bar but compared to the other machines in the gym it stands alone. Lonely and waiting for you.

Not only should you be doing pull ups and dips you should be doing weighted pull ups and dips.

How to gain size and remain lean

These calisthenics are essential to getting that V shape you crave although using weights while doing them will cause great results.

There is going to be a point where you can do anywhere from 20-30 pulls ups and an endless amount of dips.

At the end of a weight training workout I tend to get a few less but these numbers are the norm.

To gain size you need to stack on the weights.

They usually don’t have the weighted chain belt at the gym so I recommend buying it and bringing it in when you want to use it.

Putting on a ton of weight and doing anywhere from 5-8 reps of different variations of pull ups will make great change to your body.

You should treat it like any other workout you are doing in the gym.

Low reps and heavy weight.

Devoting a workout to weighted calisthenics will switch things up in a good way. Your back will get huge and wide and your chest will pop.

You can try to throw it in on a chest and back day every once and a while. You can also work out legs and strictly do your weighted calisthenics.

Work up to a big weight and watch for results.

This will develop strength and help you with other upper body workouts you lack on.

It destroys the chest and back.

Start by working it in to a current workout plan or go and only do your weighted calisthenics along with some type of cardio.

HIIT and weighted calisthenics is a great combo as well.

I am being very vague for a reason.

I want you to just do it.

Test it out for 3 months and work it into your routine.

Watch for results and thank me later


Comment about how pull ups and dips help you with your fitness goals



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