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Treat woman like cats


You maybe heard the analogy before. Men are like dogs and women are like cats.

Due to being a man in the 21st century, it is important to understand woman and at the same time being a focused, centered man on his mission in life.

In order to deal with relationships with the opposite sex you must understand that you should treat woman like cats.

I am a dog person. If I would ever get a pet, a dog would be a big possibility. It is a big responsibly, like having a child in a sense.

You need to take care of your dog. He will be ” man’s best friend ” in return.

Always runs to you when you come in the door. Barks at the unknown, although won’t attack, only if provoked. You will walk him and he will sleep at your bedside.

A dog is very loyal and normally won’t leave your side. I feel most dogs are smart although they get a bad reputation for being a “dumb dog”. They will protect you if you are in trouble. They are home bodies. Dogs are fun and loving.

There is always exceptions to this but I am trying to make a point.

The point is dogs are like men.


Let’s discuss cats

I am not an animal person. I am allergic to cat dander. I go into a home that has a cat, that is not cleaned regular and I get itchy eyes and asthma.

Besides that when I walk into a home and I see a cat from afar, I try to ignore.

Me not being a cat person, I pay no mind to the cat. I pretend it is not even walking by everyone else.

My neglect of not noticing the cat does what?


She is on my lap or rubbing up on my leg. The only one who neglected its existence in the home is the one it approaches.

Have you ever chased a cat?

A cat runs away. If you chase a cat she will run away and most likely never return.

You must let a cat come and go as it pleases for her to feel comfortable.

Some cats leave homes for days only to return to its owner.


Cats are extremely jealous

My friend from elementary school had a cat. A female cat actually. She loved her cat and paid her a lot of attention.

One day she decided to get another cat that a friend gave her. When the new cat came into the house it seemed all good.

She showed the new cat a lot of love and affection. Maybe neglecting the older cat a little bit because this new cat was a kitten.

After some time showing this new kitten some love they had to get rid of the old cat.


The old cat attacked my friend and almost ripped out her eyes.

The scratches all over her face said it all. The jealously the old cat could not handle.

Bring another cat into your home and watch how the old cat reacts.


Approaching a cat

This really applies to the day time when the sun is out because approaching a cat at night, in a club or lounge, the experience will be more like petting a dog.

During the day you must take steps not to scare the cat.

Any sudden moves, loud barks, weird gestures will likely put the cats guard up.

She will ignore, claw, or run away with an improper approach.

An indirect approach is best for the day time when encountering a cat you want to socialize with. A direct approach normally scares the cat away.

Some cats are friendlier then others but indirectly approaching a cat by easing into a conversation won’t startle her.

You should be clear in your intent but the cat should not know. Let her come and go as she pleases by holding your ground.

It would be best when conversing with your chosen cat to ask a simple question about something you notice she is holding or something in the surrounding environment.

Asking a question that is not personal will keep the cats guard down.

Rambling and not making anything personal in the first few minutes will keep the cat intrigued.

Dropping certain information about yourself will cause the cat to grab the bait.

Once she inquires about something personal her guard is slightly down and it may be ok to get personal with her.

Asking a personal question too soon will only send the cat roaming and going about her day.

For those friendly cats that show more love then normal, it may be ok to be more forward and start petting her within moments.

But be careful not to scare the cat away.

If she goes she may not return.


The long term cat

Once you successfully entranced the cat and she come to find you as yours, as you are hers, these guidelines remain the same.

Letting your cat roam, come, go, and explore while she knows her place is key to maintaining the well being of your cat.

Listening and understand your cat when there is a problem will keep good standings within your relationship.

Knowing when to just listen or to give advice is also a good indicator of a healthy relationship.

Taking care of your cats well being, making sure she has shelter, is healthy and well fed will create peace within the masculine and feminine energy of the two participants.

Communication is key between the dog and cat.

The cat should not take you off your path and mission in life.

If she decides she must leave you, let her go.

Never chase your cat.

If attraction is still at a reasonable level she will return. If not, get yourself another cat.

A cat should only have one owner.

Stay away from the alley cats. They may be fun, but that’s all they are or will ever be.

If you made it this far into the article you should of understood the analogy.

Understanding woman is key to being a superfitman.

Take care of your cat.



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