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The SUPERFITMEN Extreme Lean Plan

The focus of any man who goes to the gym is to build muscle and lose fat. Aesthetics is a big part of the SUPERFITMEN lifestyle. You go to the gym to look good and feel good. I have put together a step by step plan to get extremely lean in a matter of a month. I will call this the extreme lean plan. Perfect for the summer and beach weather.

How To Get Lean

Now many gym goers are overweight to begin with so getting lean first to a body fat of 10% or less would be your first step. Once you get to that level and are at that level for a good few months then you can go about following the extreme plan.

The Extreme Lean Lifestyle

Being mentally focused on your goals is key to getting extremely lean. I am not going to say it is easy but once you get going on your journey everything should fall into place. With some minor speed bumps. Once you decided that you will go about getting extremely lean for the beach weather you are already half way there. Mental state is so important to performance.

First Step

intermittent fasting would be the first step to getting extremely lean. You should not eat for 5 to 6 hours upon waking up.

16-20 hours of no calories which includes your last meal of the day: sleeping and the 5 or 6 hours upon waking up.

This is an important step to getting lean effortlessly. This will leave room for more food later on in the day. You can eat more freely throughout the day and not count calories.

Carb Backloading

You need to eat your carbs only after a weight training workout. Carbs are great for muscle building but for leaning up it will hinder your progress if overly used.

On days you do not workout at all you should not have carbs at all. I know what you are thinking; carbs are in a lot of foods though right? Yes they are but I am talking about the carbs you eat and consider a carb such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, potatoes etc.

The timing of your food intake will be a big part to getting extremely lean. This lifestyle is effortless but you must learn the fundamentals first then apply it consciously.

The 24 Hour Fast

Now once a week I need you to do a 24 hour fast. It sounds crazy but it really isn’t. If you are following intermittent fasting and it is now in your lifestyle a 24 hour fast will come easy.

One day a week you should not eat for a full day. The full day will include sleep so you will technically be eating everyday.

Let me give you an example:

Your last meal of the day was at 6pm. You will push the next meal till 6pm the following day. That’s 24 hours you did not eat although you are eating everyday. This will help you get extremely lean and doing it once a week will not take a toll on your lifestyle.

The Extreme Level

To take your extremely lean focus to the next level I will also like to add ice baths. Grab some ice or ice packs and throw them in your bathtub. Do this 3 or 4 times a week. Doing this is proven to burn a ton of calories. You see the athletes do it why don’t you try it? It’s not for the faint of heart and it hurts but I never said it was going to be easy.

In Conclusion

Getting extremely lean takes dedication and determination but it’s not too hard if you stay focused. Only eating carbs after workouts and eating extremely clean with real foods will do wonders. Also adding a HIIT session in once or twice a week won’t hurt. Stay away from the alcohol and take those ice baths. intermittent fasting should be your lifestyle of choice and if so, do the 24 hour fast once a week to maximize your efforts. Follow all of this along with NOT counting calories you will be extremely lean in no time without losing much muscle. But remember to lift heavy to keep your dense muscle and power. Add some creatine after a month of this extreme lean plan and your muscles will be bulging in no time.




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