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The Snow Storm Shoveling Workout


It’s that time of the year. The east coast is about to get hit by its first big snow storm of the winter. We still got to remain fit if we get snowed in, am I right? The snow storm shoveling workout will do the trick. Not only will it switch up your routine but it will give you a full body workout that is fit for a warrior.

I turned on the news and yes I heard it. The panic every 5 minutes of the snow storm that will do disaster on all of the east coast. The news broadcaster is predicting over a foot of snow and we should buy food to last us a month. The zombie tube we call tv got us worried or at least trying to cause a state of emergency.

Whether it’s two feet of snow or 4 inches of snow, here is a workout you can do for shoveling your front stoop, shoveling out your car or just being a good samaritan and shoveling the side walk.

Mentality Check

Most of the time we are shoveling in the morning or better yet in the day time. I don’t remember the last time I shoveled when it was dark. Also when we wake up the snow is usually waiting for us as we try to go to work or school safely.

Your mentality for the snow storm workout should be straight cave man warrior. You must think that you are not in the age of instant gratification and throw all of today’s modern devices out the window. All you got is a shovel and your mission. Fuck a snow blower. Pick up that shovel and get it done!

Before We Get Started

I must explain the proper way to shovel before you get started here. I don’t want you to get injured out there and blame SuperFitMen for a hurt back. I got your back but don’t want you to break it.

Get a good shovel that is not going to break on you. Something sturdy. And when bending do it from your legs not your back. I see so many people bending from there back and not squatting and lifting from there legs when shoveling. The snow is heavy and it will do a number on your back but the good news is if you shovel correctly you will get a great workout in.

Bundle Up

This is common sense but not to all. You need to be wearing a hat, gloves and scarf. Don’t go out there in shorts and think that you will last longer then 5 minutes. Be save and prepare to get to work.


The Snow Storm Shoveling Workout

  • 1 minute of intense shoveling at top speed
  • 2 minutes of moderate shoveling with occasional rest
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Most cases it will take you longer then 20 minutes. I advise you do your 20 minutes of the workout then follow with a low intensity approach to your shoveling efforts.
  • Get it all done


Now I want you treat this workout like high intensity interval training. With correct form squatting and lifting with your legs I want you to go hard for a full minute. Shovel like your life depended on it.

Then after the 1 minute of intensity take it easy and shovel moderately for 2 minutes. I do understand you will probably not have a stop watch handy while you have your winter gear on. A great way to determine your time is using music. Get your iPod and put on your headphones. For a verse of your favorite song go intense with your shoveling then for a chorus and a verse go moderate. Thats around the time you should be doing intense and moderate intervals.

You don’t have to be too strict with keeping the time but as long as you are going intense then dropping down to moderate energy you will be doing just fine.

This will take a toll on your whole body. You will feel the burn on your forearms, biceps, triceps, back, legs and core.

You will need to strengthen your core while you are shoveling to get the full effect and keep it intense!

Now make sure you finish the job and don’t let it finish you. It can go sour if you are worn out and you still got to shovel the rest of your driveway. Like I said before, have a warrior mentality and it MUST get done.


On An Empty Stomach

You eat after the job is done. When a lion wants to eat he has to hunt for his food then eat. You will do the same. You must get it done then eat, so do this workout in a fasted state. Perfect for those who practice intermittent fasting.

A Fat Shredder

This workout is a great fat burning exercise. Just like HIIT it will shred fat and work out mostly every muscle in your body. Make sure you take in some carbohydrates after the workout to recoup.

When You Are Done

Add the salt to the ground where you shoveled and give your self a pat on the back for a job well done. Have a nice hearty warm meal along with some type of hot beverage. This workout is great in switching up a workout routine, shoveling the snow to get your car on the road and being a positive member of society.

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