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The Consolation Prizes For Being A Failure


We all want to succeed in life. As a child we have dreams of becoming someone we admire.

If it was a fireman, doctor, basketball player or a chef, we want to be successful and live the American Dream.

Sometimes dreams don’t turn out as planned and setbacks occur in our life. We jump over certain hurdles or we get stuck and never live up to our expectations of what we truly wanted.

Failure should not be an option and I will go over a few consolation prizes for being a failure you should avoid. It is never too late to do what you truly want to do in this life.

You must follow your heart and mission as a man. Limiting or avoiding all together certain things in your life can help largely in following the right path on your journey.


The number one time waster for people who truly care about succeeding in life. If you are not living up to your potential and need to work hard at your goals the television can be your biggest enemy.

Most people waste hours a day watching television and use it as an escape from their present moment. They use it to cope with the harsh realities of life and goals are put aside for tv shows talked about amongst there peer groups.

Cutting television down to a minimum and using that time for positive aspects of your life could be key to getting things done that need to get done.


Finding out about the latest celebrity high jinx will get you know where with your personal goals. All it does is send negative vibes back to you. Gratitude is important to practice along with giving and not taking.

Following the crowd and worrying about others is not beneficial to your success. Social media used sparingly should be a focus in carrying out a healthy life.

All the time wasted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will add up to hours in a week that can be used to carry out specific tasks that are needed for your goals of the week. Minor distractions of this instant gratified day of age will toss you off track and make conquering your goal even harder to accomplish.

Junk Food

What you put in your body is so important to success within other aspects of your life; not only your health. Your brain and body will work much better if you are eating healthier. You should be following a 80/20 ratio of healthy eating which still leaves you room to enjoy foods you love.

You will need to be successful in all aspects of your life and not only financially. What good is your life if you have all this money and die an early death.

Fast food is addicting along with other negative consolation prizes of failure. These so called prizes of failure should be kept to a minimum or even avoided for future success.


Negativity goes hand in hand with complaining. It is a must that you stay positive even in hard times. Complaining about what you don’t have will only give you more of what you don’t want.

Failures are known for negative thinking and complaining. I know looking at the bright side of things can be hard if you are struggling to pay bills but it is so important to find a way to be positive.

Smiling and being happy with what you have is so important to living a happy life. Gratitude for what you have and not what you want is key to seeing things clearer. Don’t complain just think of the good in every situation.

Wrap Up

Some people are happy with not succeeding and I applaud their mindset for what it’s worth. I congratulate you for getting to extensively enjoy the 4 prizes above. If you are looking to better yourself and be what you were meant to be then these are things you should stay away from.




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