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The Alpha Shower: What To Do In The Shower To Better Yourself


Everyone takes showers.

It’s a must.

In order to be presentable in person, not to smell, and to be clean and fresh.

I go on and on about how time is so precious and we should be wondering how to get the best out of whatever we do during the day.

I am going to go over a few key things you can do in the shower that will give you great results out of your day and life.

I am going to call it the alpha shower.


Conquering fear and weakness

You can use the shower to help you with your fear and weaknesses.

If you feel timid through out the day or want to be more strong over all, there are ways you can use the shower to benefit you.

Approach anxiety, shyness, trouble being in the present moment, mental and physical strength are a few things this method will help with.

Most people take hot showers.

This is relaxing and soothing to our bodies and makes us feel good.

What you want to do is make your central nervous system strong.

Here is how to do it.

When taking your hot shower, turn it cold for ten seconds.

This will feel torturous at first but it will do good to make you less weak and over all strong.

Try this for a few weeks and watch your fears minimize.

This is putting a strain on your nervous system and is forcing your body to cope with the sudden change of degrees.


Listen to music and dance

Dance is the ultimate remedy to feeling good.

Most individuals don’t dance in public let alone by themselves.

We need to move your bodies to feel free.

Past Indian tribes used these rain dances to feel there magic.

Put some of your favorite feel good music on and move your body to the beats.

Have fun with it and dance the shower away.

Doing this will make you feel great and free.

Make sure you don’t get hurt in the process.

That bath tub can be very slippery and falling in there is no fun.

Be safe and just dance.



You can take time in the shower to work on being in the present moment.

It might not be an ideal place to mediate…but where is?

You can clear your mind and mediate for a good 15-20 minutes daily.

Just concentrating on your breathing and watch your thoughts go away the more you do it.

Mediation has some great benefits that will help with all aspects of your life.


When taking your alpha shower don’t forget to clean yourself. Do these few things to get you started on your day or to end your day on a positive note.



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