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Text Game – 6 Rules To Follow


Now I won’t stop at just one article on text game because it is a very interesting and important topic in today’s age of dating.

Men get it all confused and most suck at it, which causes beautiful prospects to run away.

There are different scenarios and all kinds of situations that will cause you to do different kind of texting but with these rules I am about to set forth, They are all the same.

In the end you want to set meet ups when using your phone. You are a man who is on your mission and purpose and don’t have time to text 24/7. This will eventually make the woman bored of you.

Now these rules are mostly for dating purposes and if the woman is your girlfriend or wife different tactics will apply but then again follow these rules you won’t be let down by heartache.

Watch theYouTube Video about the Text Game 6 Rules HERE

Rule #1

She should be contacting you more than you contact her

This is simple but most guys fail at this because there need of wanting the women to “like” them. All the texting in the world won’t cause more attraction or interest. Yes, once you meet a woman you must make some effort but once you have sex and whatever type of relationship you are in with her (fuck buddy, dating, bf & gf etc) the women should be doing more of the contacting then men.

If you do more of the contacting then this will be demonstrating that you are living a boring life and don’t have a lot going on. You should be a busy man who is working on his passion and purpose in life. You  shouldn’t have time to be the woman’s male girlfriend. All the contacting you are doing will show how beta and needy you are. So get her to contact you more than you.

Rule #2

Only text her for a reason

And this reason is to meet up and do something in person. Don’t text her how was your day and how you ate at subway during lunch because chipotle was closed. Only text her with a purpose. If you want to have a texting conversation then do that with a girl who is your fuck buddy because she is a friend.

Do you get what I am saying?

If you want something more than friends all the texting is doing you harm. I do understand we live in a world where texting is the norm but all the texting will make you seem beta and you don’t want that. A good sexting can be fun but only if you already had sex. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot from a text gone wrong.

Rule #3

Keep texting to a minimum

Again this is for the women you are dating and not your girlfriend or wife although it should be followed. Texting takes a lot of time to get a point across and a conversation will take forever! Having a convo through text is beta relationship behavior.

Keep texting to a bare minimum and get to the point. Only entertain yourself and outcome independence is one of the most important traits you can have.

Constant texting will drive the girls attraction in a downward spiral. I at times fall for this when I am home at night and ready to go to sleep. I always pay for it because those same girls who I texted often are flakes or are hesitant to put out. It makes life easier when you keep texting to a minimum.

Rule #4

Wait longer to respond

Never be a rapid responder to a text from a woman. It is always better to wait and figure out what you are going to say. This showcases a state of wonder from the girl and it is always better to text later rather than right away.

Now what is later? Later can be 10 minutes or 10 hours, all situations are different. Only rapid respond if you are in a convo that involves meeting up or sexting.

It is also best to not respond to a text past 9pm because this opens up a state of ” I wonder what he is doing?” Or ” is he with another girl?” All these types of thoughts will boost your attraction levels and keep you in an alpha state. Reply the next day around noon and act like nothing happened.

Rule #5

Never text drama

Save the drama for your mama! Drama should be the least thing you want from a woman. If any drama is sent through texts I would disappear for a few days then come back like nothing happened. A woman who provokes drama through texts is looking for trouble.

Don’t fall victim and follow her into a waste of time text battle. I would just not allow any drama at all in my life let alone in a text convo, so just leave. Come back a few days later and act like nothing happened. If she brings up the same drama again (which she won’t) then you say your peace and disappear again but for a few days longer.

Texting is not for long texting drama fests, it is to meet up have quick communication.

Rule #6

Always keep texts light-hearted

Texting should be fun. Although over texting is a recipe for disaster it should be done with humor. Sending a funny gif or photo once in a blue moon could go a long way. Don’t be a clown but keep serious topics for in person conversations.

Matter a fact all serious topics should be brought up by the women unless it is something that is bothering your lifestyle.

Never tell a woman to stop texting you or to not do something through texts. Texting is a tough way to communicate and it will come off as strong handed command. Be firm, direct and clear in person but all also sweet in person!

Ok that’s it for now. A few rules you should be following in your text game with women. I will be putting out more information on what to do and not do in your texting with women so stay tuned for more.




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