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You should talk to everyone at all times


To be successful in life, communication is key.

You should be able to talk to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Some people are more social then others, but it is necessary to develop relationships with people.

Talking to strangers or people you come across in life is benefical to your social status in becoming an effortless alpha superfitman.

Your presence in your body language should be confidence. Being able to talk and develop rapport with people is so important.

Talking to people throughout the day opens many opportunities. You never know who you will run into.

Being friendly is so important. Being friendly to everyone is a must.

You shouldn’t pick and choose who you talk to but you should only pick and choose who you want to develop a relationship with.

Making people smile through your journey in your life should be your main focus. You should make people feel good and give love.

You can talk to men, woman, children, old and young. Doing this will also warm you up for when you run into someone you want to develop a relationship with.

If you plan on meeting a woman, it is so important to be friendly to everyone, so when you meet that woman your conversation will come off as natural as possible.

If you just wait to talk to selected people you are interested in, your conversations and interactions will come off as stale.

You will only hinder putting your best foot forward.

You need to warm up.

Saying good morning and smiling to people that look your way is a good warm up tactic to follow.

Smiling is great to let people know you are friendly and approachable.

You will gain knowledge from random conversations with unexpected people.

I love conversating with older people because of there experiences. I also love talking to woman that I run into in my everyday life.

Everyone is so different and you can learn about yourself through talking to all kinds of people. It’s amazing how much you can find out about someone by the first interaction and by there body language.

Rude or angry people should not be avoided but disregarded if negativity is brought upon you.

The more you are friendly and share love, you will notice that most people are also friendly. If you walk around with a stone face and a bad attitude most opportunities will not come into your orbit.

If you are looking for love, it is a must you talk to everyone.

When I say talk to everyone I don’t mean have a conversation with all who comes in your path. I mean you say hello to those who look and smile at you.

Those in line at the supermarket, just develop small talk.

Be funny and playful and make people smile.

Giving is so important with getting what you want but you must not want anything in return.

Small talk, asking questions and not being selfish in your interaction will give off a likable vibe.

You want to know about everyone.

There is so much interesting people in this world.

There are going to be times that your day is not going well. You may have stubbed your toe in the morning or traffic caused you to be late to work. You may not want to talk to anyone and be in a bad mood.

This is when you must force yourself to talk to people.

You may not want to but teaching yourself that you must talk even if you are not in the mood will open up more opportunities in your life.

This is when it is most important.

It should be a habit in your life to be friendly and talk to strangers.

Waiting for the hot woman you have not ran into yet and not conversating with others is the wrong thing to do. When that hot woman comes along you will be caught off guard and most likely sound awkward.

You don’t have to be outgoing or an extrovert to talk to everyone.

Those that are considered quiet are usually good listeners.

Asking questions and making funny comments creates attraction.

People will be drawn to you if you make a presence and create conversations with everyone.

Not to beat a dead horse but talk to everyone everyday, be friendly, smile and watch your life change.


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