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SuperFitMen Secrets: How To Eat Whatever The Fuck You Want And Remain Super Fit


Once you reach a certain point in your fitness journey things will just get easier. The more educated, the more seasoned, and the more in shape you are… it will make remaining super fit effortless.

Here is one way I can eat whatever the fuck I want and still remain super lean, fit, and strong.

It’s not rocket science

The IIFYM (if it fits your macros) method works

I don’t necessarily follow it but it makes sense

I don’t count calories

Here is one way to enjoy all the food you want and love, unhealthy or healthy

First thing

intermittent fasting

If you are not doing intermittent fasting you missing out on all its benefits

Discussed in my post intermittent fasting for beginners you can see for yourself

Now by pushing your meals to later on in the day, this will open up a lot more calories to intake for the day

Next thing is the protein bar and apple


Or protein shake and apple

I prefer the bar because it is easier to carry around and I enjoy it more

Get a high protein low sugar meal replacement bar and that should be your first meal for the day

Along with an apple before, during or after the bar will add a good 100 calories to the meal replacement

I like to have the apple first then wait an hour to have the protein bar

You will prolong your fast that way

Now once you have your apple and your protein supplement you will be satisfied for another couple of hours

Now it’s time to eat!

pizzaThis is where you can have a meal fit for a king!

An all you can eat buffet trip

A 3 course meal at your favorite restaurant

A pizza pie with your favorite toppings

Whatever you want

You save your calories for the day

So enjoy it how you want!

Now still follow high protein plan but besides that you can eat whatever the fuck you want

This technique will keep you lean and make you a muscle building machine

Now doing this 24/7 365 days a year is not recommended


But here are a few reasons you will do this:

Special events like weddings, holidays, and parties

Going out to eat with friends

A buffet visit

Just cause you want to eat a full pie of pizza

After a weight training workout carb loading


Recap on how to eat whatever the fuck you want

  • Use intermittent fasting
  • An apple and a protein bar/shake for “lunch”
  • Then go all out and eat whatever the fuck you want





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