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SuperFitMen Rant: Getting Fit is Easy and You are Making it Hard

I see countless people at the gym working out hard and spending more than enough time in the gym to see the results they want but why are they not SuperFit? If you are going to the gym and be spending an hour working out your body, 5-6 days a week and you don’t see results then something is wrong. Getting fit is easy and you are making it hard. If you been going to the gym working out for years but you are still fat then something is wrong.

You are making this harder than it should be!

I sometimes feel that I am failing as a fitness coach. When people are reading SuperFit articles and emailing me but they still are not seeing the results they desire it bothers me. It is called the Effortless Alpha Lifestyle for a reason, it is meant to be effortless. Not easy but if you follow a few guidelines you shouldn’t have any issues with getting the body you desire. Don’t make it harder than it really is.

Easy Guidelines to Follow


Eat Your Carbs After Workouts

Most of the fat people I see at the gym are over consuming carbs. If you want to be fit you need to control your carb intake. Also eat your carbs after a weight training workout. Save your carbs for later on in the day. It is not often told but rest assure the SuperFitMen got your back!
superfitman big salad

Lift Heavy

Stop with all these crazy exercises and lift heavy with key lifts. All this pussy footing around with light weights will not get you far . You need to actually workout in the gym and lift heavy and workout hard.

Self Evaluate Your Goals

Take a look in the mirror and see what you need to do to make your fitness goals become a reality. Most guys I see in the gym have too much fat on them. They are strolling around in the gym while they are over 20% body fat and not doing any sort of cardio to help them. Workout the body parts that are lagging and know what you need to do before you enter the gym.
Self Evaluation to Conquer Your Fitness Goals

Eat Healthy Most of the Time

Eat lots of greens, salads, lean protein and stop with the processed junk that is sold to put in your freezer. Try to eat healthy and push your first meal to later on in the day. Fuck breakfast!

quick and simle meal prep

I can go on and on about what you should do to conquer your fitness goals but it’s obvious you are not listening. Lose the fat around your belly, lift heavy and stop the bullshit. I am currently at the beach with a six-pack and last night I ate half a pizza pie to the face. It’s not hard, you are making it hard.


  • Fuck your breakfast
  • Eat your carbs after a weight training workout
  • Lift heavy and hard at the gym
  • Try to eat healthy and eat a lot of non processed foods.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, lean proteins
  • BCAA are key along with a good pre workout.
  • Do HIIT if you are not 10% body fat or below!
  • Stop wasting your time!




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