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Success: The story is always the same


The formula for success can be tricky. It’s not the same for every situation. Although, in the after math of discussing the success, the story is always the same.

There are some key principles you can apply, but still… depending on your goals those principles can be different.

Time and time again you will hear about someone who has gained popularity. It often seems that out of nowhere they have reached success.

You think to yourself, this is an over night success and they are just lucky.

This is often not the case.

Hard work for not only months, but years, decades have you, has brought success into these people’s lives. The hard work of consistency and having a mission in life helps tremendously in gaining the level of success that is succumbed.

Watching documentaries, hearing success stories, and reading books about great leaders, it all seems to be the same story.

The struggle of a rock band that slept on couches for 5 years before they made it big.

The leader who grew up in a bad neighborhood and endured the harsh realities of life.

The man who continued to do what he loves when he could have easily given up and went with plan B.

The story remains the same.

With struggle comes results.

Maybe it’s because when you hit the bottom there is only one way to go…Which is up.

It can also be a case of the law of attraction, that concentration of what they want and the hard work combined which equals results in success.

It is sacrifices

Hard work to get what you want when it feels that what you want is hopeless to get. You got to do things when you don’t want to do them.

Too many people give up right before the massive results would have begun.

Law of attraction

Like attracts like.

Positive thoughts about what you want may come true if hard work and determination is applied.

Time is against you because we all look at time as the indicator of success.

“I did this for 3 years so it must work out for me now.”

“I have a 10 year marriage so it must be a good relationship.”

“I been working at this job for 20 years, they can’t lay me off now.”

All indicators of how time fools you.

Hard work is essential in all above examples. If you didn’t work hard and put all of you into the 3 years of your focus, it won’t work out.

If you are not working on your marriage and better yet your relationship, how happy are you really?

If you are not happy at your job and doing minimal work, yes, you can get laid off.

No one owes you anything. You just owe yourself

I encourage you to watch or read life stories of success people.

The story is the same.

The struggle can last a long time but how bad do you want to succeed?

What do you want?

Are you working everyday to get what you want?

Small increments of progress each day is all that is needed.


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