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Structure at the gym

Just going to the gym doesn’t cut it.

You have to have an idea what you are doing once you step foot through the doors.

What body parts, cardio, HIIT or any other workout should be planned before you leave the house.

Better yet it should planned from the last time you leave the gym.

For the most part certain body parts should be worked on different days during the week unless you are doing a full body workout every time you do weight training.

You must structure your gym visits in a way that there is no question what you are doing.


Structure is so important in seeing consistent results.


If you walk into your gym then decide what you will be working on you will lose focus.


Losing focus in the gym is the worst thing that could happen.

Your life should have focus and direction in what you want to accomplish.


There were times I would walk in the gym do one workout and then walk out. My mind was not in it and I decided I will do nothing in the gym.

My advice here is to never walk out.

Never leave something as important as your health.

You can tell yourself that it is only one time and I will just go tomorrow but why waste a day.

Why waste a day closer to your results.

Set goals and have structure in your workouts.

You can start out with only picking the body parts you want to work on.

Then you can get more specific to the certain exercise for that body part you will doing.


The maximum results happen when you start keeping track of the amounts of weight you use with each exercise.

Writing everything down will help tremendously with getting the results.


Your mind set at the gym should be to focus on the task at hand and being structured on what you need to do that will help accomplish that goal.



  • Focus on what you want to accomplish
  • Plan before hand what you will do at the gym before entering the doors
  • Write everything down for maximum results
  • Structure in advance what is needed to be to conquer each particular goal


Comment below how you structure your workouts and trips to the gym



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