So you want to be a SuperFitMan?

Then you need to constantly strive for excellence, and never settle for less than that.

Still, becoming the best version of yourself can certainly be challenging at first, so here is a quick run through of how you should start the process.

You can skip steps if you got that part covered already – but make sure that it’s covered, so that you’re on the right way to becoming a SuperFitMan.


 Step 1 – Fat Loss

muscular man wiping of sweat with his t-shirt


This is the beginning – and it obviously starts with losing the fat.

While this is often regarded as something that’s hard to do, namely if you have extra fat around your waist line, I have good news for you: if you get my free starter guide eBook on how to effortlessly lose fat fast, you’ll be amazed with the quick results that you’ll have.


Want to see for yourself?


Plus, to make it even easier and better for you, here are other key articles on how to burn fat fast and get in the best shape of your life… without giving up the foods you love!

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Step 2 – Muscle Building 

Physical athlete doing chin-ups


Once you start working on burning the fat off, then you should learn how to build muscle the right way – and in the right parts of your body.

Yes, losing fat and building muscle at the same time is possible. Do not let anyone tell you different.

So here are a few key articles that will help you put on some muscle mass without having to turn the gym into the center of your whole life.

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Step 3 – Self-Reliance


Now that you have your health and fitness started and going in the right direction, it is time to get your mind correctly aligned.

You see, getting a six pack and achieving the ideal body you want to have is not the end of this path to greatness.

You must bring your brains into the equation, creating a mindset that will allow you to accomplish your purpose and mission in life. Make no mistake: your body and your mind should be working together, and walk hand-in-hand towards making you a fulfilled SuperFitMen.

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Step 4 – Social Capital



Now that you have direct control of your thoughts, and that you’ve achieved the self-reliance that is crucial for your balance, it is time to get your social life in order.

You see, your personal balance – both physically and mentally – opens the doors to a positive and rewarding social life. And, in this respect, understanding the opposite sex and naturally knowing how to keep your social life alive and well are defining ingredients for a balanced lifestyle.

Whether you are dating, in a relationship or married, it is so important to know how to treat women – while always staying true to yourself!

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Step 5 – Putting It All Together

A photo by Dino Reichmuth.

Now that you have a clear understanding of how you can become a SuperFitMan, it’s important that you realize that being a SuperFitMan is about keeping a steady and dynamic combination of all these steps – so that you can mostly enjoy the great lifestyle that you desire, and that the SuperFitMen formula will bring you.

As you can appreciate, none of these steps can be missing. This comes together like a puzzle and it works like a symphony, because you can never see the big picture if a piece of it isn’t there.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged if you are lacking in one or more areas. This is a constant process to pursue a certain special lifestyle, and not a destination where you arrive once and you’re done. You see, as a SuperFitMan, as long as you stay in the journey and enjoy every second of it, you’re always bettering yourself and collecting the prize that your positive attitude and discipline have brought you.

Plus, you need to be flexible and change as time goes by. This means that, as you get older, you need to accept and embrace different paradigms – while keeping the SuperFitMan within you alive and working to always be the best version of yourself, at any time.

This is such an important point to understand, that I’m sharing here with you a few more articles to help you with the journey to becoming – and staying – a SuperFitMan.

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The simple fact that you are on your path to conquering and enjoying greatness already makes you the SuperFitMan that you want to be.

All you have to do is stay the course – which is why I invite you to find more insights and great content by browsing the website and getting informed.

And that’s it, my fellow SuperFitMan!

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Here’s to you and to your goals!

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