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Social Media Guidelines To Attracting Women

Social media is taking over the world. If it’s on the evening news how Kim Kardashian is naked on Instagram or it’s a verbal beef with your favorite musicians on Twitter, it really is the new way us humans live in the 21st century.

Millions of people have a social media account and they are all looking to show friends, family or the world a thing or two about their life. When it comes to dating there are some strict guidelines you should follow to attracting that girl you want. Tips and advice of what to do and not do in your pursuit.


1. Don’t be a thirst bucket

Liking excessive pictures or leaving endless comments on that booty photo will get you nowhere. Actually it will get you in the creep zone. Girls love gratification but not inappropriate details of how hot they are. You might just skip the friend zone and head to the blocked zone if things get out of hand. If you are going to thirst it up, do it in private. Matter a fact, if the girl is a potential prospect I would refrain from any likes of her physical form.

You always want her to be guessing if she is good enough for you and not the other way around. If you must like a photo on Instagram do it random and make sure it is her dog or pet parakeet. Be different and not like every thirst bucket who is liking every single one of her pics.


2. Social proof your life

Make sure you are putting up quality photos on your Social media profiles. If you are a loser that plays call of duty 24/7 I would retrain letting anyone know that. Less is more if you don’t have a lot going on in your life.

Social proof is not the most important aspect of your success rate with women but it does play a part. You want her to want to be apart of your world and if your world is lame she might run for the hills. I am not saying buy followers like your a washed up hiphop act but try to make what you put up as exciting and interesting as you can.


3. Be yourself

This one is important and is probably the most cliche comment to make but it’s true. Put up things you are generally interested in to an extent. Like I said earlier keep geek ridden hobbies to a minimum but be true to yourself.

Mix it up and remember quality over quantity unless you want to add funny memes three times a day, it’s really on you with this one.


4. Don’t like her pic!

I will say this one again if you skimmed through this article. Do not like her pic if you did not have sex with her yet. If you got her phone number, text or call her to hang out and have a drink. You start liking her photos, months go by and you are in the social media friend zone.

If you are backed up with leads (potential women to date) then an occasional like every few months may show her you truly care but if she is in rotation at the moment don’t do it to yourself. This all applies for those not in a relationship with the girl. If that’s your girlfriend then liking pics could be a good idea.


5. Keep one eye open

Now you may have lost touch with that girl you had a great date with and the sex was amazing… It happens believe it or not. Staying “friends” on Social media can be your only connection to her at the moment when she gets into a relationship. I find it funny when a girl gets a new boyfriend and it is plastered all over Facebook for all to see. The funny part about it is that you know the relationship is on the rocks when photos disappear and weird statuses pop up about the problems she is having with men.

Those memes tell a story. Often times profiles disappear for months or remain inactive for her healing process. Once you notice all of this happening this would be a good time to message her. Be the rebound or the guy to sweep her off her feet, it is up to you.


6. Get off of Facebook

If all else fails then getting off of Social media platforms could be a good move. Be the guy that is too busy for that shit. This will add mystery to your demeanor and give you a one up if your life isn’t all that is expected. Getting off of Facebook then coming back a renewed man can be a great benefit as well.

Pop up out of no where and the leads will follow. The long time no see message will come around for all those who are interested and the rest will be giving likes to new photos. This will give you a few more opportunities if you are on a social media rut.


These are a few guidelines to follow within the social media realm with dealing with women who are potential leads. Follow them or don’t but remember success is a numbers game with precise planning.




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