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Simple Tricks To Not Waste Time At The Gym


Going to the gym and getting all that is needed to be done can be time consuming. Lets face it, if you workout 5 times a week, that is a big chunk of your life you are working on your body. Between cardio, HIIT, weight lifting, classes, stretching, etc, you are putting a lot of time into yourself. You work, have relationships, other hobbies, and a gym visit can be a time consuming task. It is worth it to spend your time in the gym but wasting time is no good. I will go over simple tricks to not waste your time when working out.

Put away your smart phone

I use my phone to either listen to music, listen to YouTube videos or audio books. That’s all you should be using it for. I wasted so much time texting the whole time at the gym that after two hours, I had a mediocre workout. Taking your phone out during workouts will make you unfocused.

Also the sound of a text or call during a set will mess with your concentration. Airplane mode is the best idea, so you are not bothered at all. You can track your progress using your phone or you can use the stopwatch to time your rest between sets. But other then that, it should stay in your pocket.

Bring your own drink

All the time wasted walking to the water fountain can be easily saved. Bring your own beverage!  I carry BCCA and sip on it through out the workout. If you calculate the walk to the water fountain and add up all that time, you can save a good 10 minutes.

Before I brought my own drink, I use to just take trips to the water fountain when not even thirsty. It’s a time waster and is unnecessary. It also risks someone sitting in on your machine or bench when you take that walk.

Bring your drink.

Don’t wait for equipment

I see so many people standing around waiting for a bench. They will wait for 5-10 minutes to do the decline bench. Standing there and staring at the person will only do you harm. Waiting for equipment is ridiculous and should be avoided at all costs. Simply asking how many sets they have left and making an educated decision if it is worth the wait. Normally it never is worth it.

You should be doing another exercise while you are waiting for your desired equipment. For instance, if all the squats are taken, you can do some pull ups and dips till one frees up. If you are in a big gym, no matter how packed it is, there is something you can be doing. Use your imagination.

Don’t wait for equipment. Workout while you wait. All that time wasted will add up and before you know it, your at the gym for 2 plus hours.

Time is precision, so don’t waste it.

Train smart

Keep your workouts simple. A 5×5 workout plan is great for doing so. You should have structure at the gym and know what you are going to do before you even enter the doors. Roaming around the gym and not knowing what body part your going to workout kills so much time. Once you figure it out, ten to fifteen minutes was spend not doing much but scoping the place.

Your goal when entering the gym is the be euphoric. Take control of your outcome by knowing exactly what is needed for your workout that day. Train smart and don’t waste time doing so.


These are a few tips to save some time in the gym.


  • Put your phone away
  • Bring your own drink
  • Don’t wait around for equipment
  • Train smart
  • Save your precious time
  • Gain muscle and stay lean



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