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Simple And Fast Fat Loss Using HIIT

High intensity interval training is the quickest most effective way to lose fat fast.


I hear from a lot of so called fitness professionals that you should lose fat over an extended period of time so it stays off.


Though there is some truth to that, it should not limit your goals of losing your fat fast to get that six pack abs you want.


If you don’t want six pack abs I know you still want to lose fat because losing fat makes you look better in clothes, makes you healthier, and all around makes you feel better.


Depending what percentage of fat you have on you already will determine how long you should be doing HIIT.


Meaning once you reach a certain point and you are at a comfortable place, you won’t need to do HIIT on a consistent basis.





Pick a desired cardio equipment
Treadmill, jumprope, bike at the gym etc.


Now warm up for 2 minutes

Just go at a moderate speed so you get use to being on the equipment.

I like the treadmill for HIIT.

I just walk with headphones ready and get focused.


Now once you are warmed up you need to sprint for at least 45 seconds.


Run at a high speed (Treadmill maybe at a 8.5). You need to push yourself the best you can.

Now after the 45 seconds to a minute, slow down to a moderate speed where you are doing a fast walk( treadmill around 4.1).


Continue to do this from anywhere to 10 -20 minutes.


Now you want to gradually increase your sprint speed toward the middle and end of the workout ( I like to reach to 10.0 on treadmill). You can stay at the moderate speed throughout the workout.


The point is to sprint then slow down, sprint then slow down.


Do this on an empty stomach, like how I explained in my post on working out in a fasted state.


You will be an ultimate fat burning machine.


Now to add more fat lose to your HIIT


Once you have done either 10 to 20 minutes of HIIT, you can add more fat loss to your workout.


If you need a quick breather to can take it, but then hop on the treadmill again and do another 20-30 moderate cardio.


Low intensity cardio to keep your heart rate at a moderate level will add more fat lose to the workout.


For instance, I will use the treadmill for example.


After your HIIT, put the treadmill to around 4.0 and incline the treadmill to 5.0. Keep it at that speed and incline for 20-30 minutes.


Check heart rate and make sure it is still up. For most heart rate should be over 120bpm.


Adding the supplement yohimbine hcl to this will create an ultimate effect your fat loss goals. I will have to describe how to use yohimbine hcl in another post.



  • 10-20 minutes of HIIT
  • Which is basically sprinting, pushing yourself to your to the limit, etc then slowing down to a moderate speed every minute.
  • After you do that continue at a moderate speed with a low intensity workout from 20-40 minutes.
  • Keep your heart rate moderate as well.
  • Do this 2 to 3 times a week for drastic results.
  • Once you reach a body fat percentage you are happy with you can stop.


HIIT can work wonders if you are out of shape, have a high body fat, or in shape but need your six pack.

Focus and determination is the most important tools you need to get you going and keep you on track.


Comment on how much fat you lost using HIIT




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