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Should I go to the gym on little to no sleep?

As a superfitman you will have those memorable nights.

The nights that are legendary as Barney would say. You know Barney from the tv show “how I met your mother?”

You will come home in the morning or not come home at all. Better yet go home with a young lady and get little to no sleep.

It is inevitable when you follow my program that these things will happen.

Even if the nights are not legendary you might get hung up at work or just up all night watching that late night movie.

Whatever reason it is, we all have these nights where we get little sleep.

Whether it’s 3 hours or 5 hours of sleep it sometimes gets hard to function throughout the day on little shut eye.

Taking care of what you need to take care of is most important though. So if you have work to do or errands that should be done they should be done before the gym visit.

Operating on little sleep can get tuff so taking care of your business is a must.

I have noticed that coffee is great to get you through the ruff patches when you are real tired. That is common sense because of the caffeine and this is nothing new in todays society.

I also noticed that once I ate and especially ate heavy with much carbs I was done for. Meaning I would be good on coffee alone but once I ate something I would be shot and ready to fall asleep where ever I was at the moment.

So I recommend eating light and staying away from too much carbs when you are on little amounts of sleep. I need you to get through the day safely.

Save the carbs for the last meal when you are ready to knock out in your bed.

Now where does the gym fit into your lack of sleep day?

If you want or feel you must go to the gym on lack of sleep I recommend keeping it simple. As you would think this is the on going topic with superfitmen.

Keeping it simple.

I would recommend two options.


First option

Just work out one body part preferably one that is the easiest for you.

Chest is a piece of cake for me, so I will be able to get a great chest workout in on little to no sleep.

The incline bench press, flys, flat bench or whatever I felt was right for chest that day.

I would also recommend sticking to exercises you are familiar with.

You don’t want to risk injury cause you are more prone to getting hurt with little to no sleep while working out.


Second option

Do a light full body workout. AGAIN keeping it simple.

Just stick to machines so you won’t get hurt and try to get every body part in a short period of time.

The point is to get something done in the gym.

Make sure you are not wasting your time and get the most out of your workout.

Do not spend a lot of time in the gym but if you do feel up to it you can hit the treadmill.


Treadmill settings

Put the incline at 5.0 and the speed anywhere from 4.0 -4.5

Make sure you are walking fast and not doing nothing like you see most middle aged people doing on the treadmill. Which I see is pretty much strolling.



  • Live your great life and have legendary nights that turn into mornings
  • Eat light and keep your carb intake to the night
  • Gym time should be short unless you want to go on the treadmill.
  • Either work out one body part only or do a quick and light full body workout.
  • Have fun and live effortlessly


Comment below your sleepless workout experience or a legendary night you had.



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