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Self Evaluation to Conquer Your Fitness Goals

The mirror is a great tool to self evaluated yourself. Often used to see how we look when we are going out in public, it should also be used to conquer your fitness goals. Self evaluation is so important to see where you stand in all aspects of your life. We can use the mirror to spot certain flaws that our body has and make the right changes we need to create our perfect physique.

I hear a lot of people say when they are looking to lose weight or gain muscle that they should not look in the mirror. The reason for this is because if you look in the mirror every day you won’t see a change in your body. This is true but then again the mirror should be used to see progress on a daily basis. You need to judge yourself in an honest way and figure out what needs to be done to your body to make it look pleasing.

Everyone’s ideas of a perfect body is different but for the most part most people want to lose fat and build muscle. Realizing this and dissecting it more is the most common purpose to working out. You also need to evaluate what body parts you need to build more. The lacking body parts on your body need to get more attention then others. If you have a big chest but your arms are lacking you should evaluate this and workout your arms more often then your chest. If your legs are not how you want them to be then you should show them more attention in the gym. This is all determined by looking in the mirror and evaluating your appearance.

I like to look in the mirror before I take a shower whether it is in the morning or at night. Depending on what level of fitness you are on will determine which time of the day you will look best. Also what your current goals are on your fitness journey will determine how you feel about yourself at a particular time. Meaning if your current goal is to be leaner and have more cuts, in the morning you would look much better then at night. If you want to build more muscle then looking at your self right after an intense weight training workout would give you the most satisfaction. As long as you realize what is giving you the best visual results at the moment and being realistic about it, you can still self evaluate yourself properly.

So I recommend that you get naked once a day and self evaluate your body. Point out what you want your body to look like whether it is a big issue or small. Looking at other bodies that you aspire to look like will help the process. If you don’t know what you need to change about your body then you should be studying what you do want in other physiques. Building certain body parts alone can drastically change your body in a positive way. A small waist and broad shoulders can make you look bigger and more fit then you really are.

Knowing what you need to change and working on building your perfect physique is a major key to your fitness success. Most people go to the gym and follow the same cookie cutter routine and don’t personalize what needs to be done with their own body. Self evaluation and taking a long hard look at yourself will help you not waste time in the gym. Looking in the mirror and knowing what needs to be done can make your fitness journey a lot easier. Also following the right advice with conquering your goals is also a main factor to getting the best results as fast as possible. So look in the mirror everyday and be honest with yourself.




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