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Sacrificing 3 months to fitness

Sometimes life gets in the way of your fitness goals.

We are all victims to some type of slacking off in our goals.

Whether it is with fitness, your career or your relationships, it happens from time to time.

The point is to stay on track no matter what is going on in your life.

Easier said then done. I know that is what you are thinking.

All it takes is a little dedication for a short period of time to make a big change in your body and mind.


Deciding what is most important

You need to figure out what is the most important thing needed to make the biggest change.

Take your shirt off in the mirror and figure out what you are lacking.

It could be that you have too much fat on your body or you are skinnier then you would like.


What ever it is, you will need to sacrifice 3 months to this change.


All your hobbies other interests should be side tracked (for now) for these 3 months.

The task at hand should be your primary concern.

It is important that you concentrate on your plan to conquer your goal.


Why 3 months?

3 months is all you need for a big change in any goal you are trying to succeed at.

Let’s say for instance you need to lose 40 pounds.

Those 3 months is all you need to lose a good amount of those pounds.

Do your research and set a plan that will make your goal become reality.

All it takes is hard work and a desire for the end result.

In 3 months you will create a habit and 90 days is enough to see significant change.

There is a lot of information on the Internet and including on this site.

If you follow my advice on this site, it will be easy to make your change.


Focus on what you want

The focus is imagining what the outcome is.

You need to act as if you made this change.

If you focus on your goal you will see a change in a matter of a week and it will only get better as time goes by.

Week after week your results will add up.

Before and after pictures are great for this because you see how far you came. You will notice dramatic results by your pictures alone.

You got to want this and it is more in your head then in your abilities.

You can do anything you put your mind to but it will take focus on the end goal.


Dedicated, determination and discipline.


After the 3 months

Once you sacrificed 3 months of your life to a particular fitness goal it does not end there. It will be a life change you dedicated to yourself to follow.

You just will have to maintain what you conquered.

You can fall back but don’t fall back into your old ways.

Maintain means to find a way to incorporate what you done within the 3 months into your everyday life.

That could mean taking it easy but don’t just stop all activities like exercise and new food habits.

Your concentration after the 3 months can take a back seat and you can go back to your mission as man.



These 3 months of focused dedication to your fitness goals will change all aspects of your life.

You will see the changes you want in your body and everything else in your life will fall into place.

All it takes is 3 months.

Some might not understand and try to take you off track during this time.

Don’t let them.

When you feel too tired you must push yourself.

Whatever it takes to not miss a workout or fall off track.

It is only 3 months of your life.

3 months to change your life for the better.


Can you sacrifices 3 months?



Comment your fitness goals below



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