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How To Party All The Time And Keep Your Six Pack

Going out all the time and partying can be fun. As long as you take care of your health it can be beneficial to your life. Being social and not letting yourself get out of hand is key to the “party life”. Now if you want to keep the body you worked so hard for in the gym…that is another story.

I am going to show you How to Party All the Time and Keep your Six-Pack in a few simple steps.


If you don’t have a six-pack yet don’t fret.

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Now that you have your six-pack here are 6 steps on how to party all the time and keep your six-pack.


1. Drink Liquor Not Beer

I am not saying become an alcoholic but if you do drink stick with the liquor. You will be staying away from unwanted calories and carbs. It’s just like drinking water instead of soda. Now do be careful though. Liquor will get you wasted quicker. You can black out and end up in a bed with a tranny. Be safe and don’t let that happen to you please.


2. Food Prep For Your Night

I am not saying prepare meals in a Tupperware and bring them to a club. I am saying if you do know you are partying at night eat light during the day. This is because when you stumble out the club and see that food truck spot, you can order what you want. intermittent fasting is great for this because you eat the bulk of your meals later on in the day already. There would be no food prep needed for your night of partying because you live that lifestyle already.


3. Plan The Day After

The day after should be recovery time. You need to sleep a good amount of hours to get your body back to normal. If you don’t sleep or only have a few hours of shut-eye then you are opening yourself up to getting sick, disabled judgment, lack of gains etc. I understand if you are partying a few days in a row and there is no time for sleep. There are times your party lasts for 3-4 days straight. Make sure you recover from this partython with a long sleep day in bed event. This will put a toll on your body. So be careful and aware and prepare.


4. Get Your Priorities In Order

I know you have a job or own a business right? If you don’t then you shouldn’t be partying nonstop. Get your life in order and make sure all your work is up to date BEFORE going out and partying. You don’t want to get fired for all your partying. Yes, you will keep your six-pack but your wealth will take a hit. Health, wealth and happiness is the key to life. Be responsible with YOUR life and get everything in order before hand so you can leave your worries at the club door.


5. Workout The Next Day

I know I said you should get your sleep in but you should also get your workout in. It might be tough if you are hung over but at least get a walk on a treadmill. Sweat out all the toxins in your body the best as possible. Getting in the gym the next day will keep you from “falling off”. You skip a few days a the gym here and there from partying, next thing you know it’s been 2 weeks and no workouts. Do some type of activity the day after when you wake up.


6. Weight Training Workout Before The Party

Get a good weight training workout in before the party. Build up the glamour muscles so you will look extra good in clothes. This is a full body workout that includes shoulders, arms, incline chest and abs. These are the muscles that pop out of our clothes. Working out before you go out will boost your confidence and keep you in check as well.

It’s all about preparation and making sure you keep your eating in line. Keeping your six-pack year round can be easy if you make smart decisions NOT a lot of decisions. Creating effective habits and knowing what to do is key as well. That’s why the SUPERFITMEN are here…

To make sure you enjoy life and keep in shape without making fitness your primary focus. For more information and up to date advice on important topics Subscribe to the SUPERFITMEN newsletter here.

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