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Participation does not guarantee success

Once you start your workout plan and get going in your fitness journey there is a certain mind frame you must obtain.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are starting from scratch it is a lot of work.

Being double digits over weight or having little muscle mass, there can be many obstacles.

Lots of people give up over time or stay at a mediocre level.


Superfitmen is here to tell you that anything is possible and not only in fitness but in life goals.


I am also here to tell you that if you only participate, that is not enough.

Just showing up to the gym and having a mediocre workout will not work with getting the best fitness goals possible.

I admit once you enter the gym that is half the battle or so they say, but there is another half you have to obtain.


Just participating in getting fit will not guarantee results.


You must be doing the right things in the gym and pushing yourself hard to see the results you desire.

If you just show up to the gym and only do exercises with little to no effort it won’t do much. Also it will probably do nothing to help you change for the better.

It’s funny when I go to the gym and I see someone on a treadmill walking like a turtle and listening to music on there ipod. They are not doing anything to obtain there goals.

Maybe they are using the treadmill for therapy but it should be based on your fitness goals as well.

That will do little or nothing for them to change there bodies for the better.

We all have times we go to the gym and we don’t feel like going but once we enter the gym it should be all business. You should have a structured plan.


Just being there will do nothing.


Work is required with anything you do and that includes results in the gym.


Showing up is not enough.


The effortless alpha lifestyle requires work and I try to show you the most effective way to see the best results in the most minimum effort possible.



In review

  • When you show up… get to work
  • Participating is nothing if you are not putting in the work
  • Don’t be a statistic at your gym by excepting mediocrity
  • Show up conquer rinse and repeat.


Comment about how you participate effectively in your life and fitness goals



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