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Overview of the shrinkwrap effect

When you think about having a great body certain characteristics come to mind. Muscles, cuts, size, proportion, abdominals, just to name a few.

Movies, advertisements and media created the staple for what a perfect body should look like. Socialization has put this picture in your brain since you was a little boy.

When you think of a good looking man you see a properly proportioned man with muscles and cuts. To get this look you can strive for the shrinkwrap effect.

There has been a ton of articles on the shrinkwrap effect, along with tons of articles on everything else in fitness, but I decided that this is important so I will overview it here.


What is the shrinkwrap effect?

It is when your body look like it is shrinkwrapped. Simple enough right? Your body looks like the muscles are popping out of your skin and your skin is close to your body like shrinkwrap.


Steps to a shrink wrap body

  • Lose the fat

You need to get to a low body fat range.

Below 10% is ideal.

Reason for this is you cannot have a shrinkwrap body with much fat.

The less fat the better.

You even want to get to an even lower body fat range then you desire in this first step.

Doing this is like putting the shrinkwrap on your body tightly.

I would say this is the first and most important step but it should be done simultaneously with the next step below.

  • Build dense muscle

Lift heavy or go home. Buillding muscle and losing fat at the same time is the ideal situation.

A 5×5 workout plan is the best way to lift heavy and gain dense muscle.

You need to gain strength during this time.

Getting your main lifts up with big weights is best.

You want strong dense muscles in this stage cause you want to build the foundation.


Depending on what level you are on in your fitness journey will determine how long this will take.

3 months is a good guideline for the average person going to the gym.

Losing the fat is the most important out of the two above steps.

A shrinkwrap cannot and will not occur if you have a lot of fat.

So I would work on losing fat with a HIIT workout plan 2-3 times a week.

If you are already a superfitman, you can skip the above steps and go right to the last step.


Last step

Once you lost the extra body fat and built some solid dense muscle you can now finish your shrinkwrap effect.

For the next week or two I want you to lift in a lighter range.

10-12 reps is a good starting point.

You want to add size and softer fuller muscles.

Feeling the burn with a higher rep range will blow up your muscles.


Now picture this

Let’s say you put an object in a shrinkwrap that is able to grow.

You shrink wrap it tight.

Then when it starts to grow it will look like it is going burst out of the shrinkwrap.

That’s the effect that you want in this last step.

Muscle will pop and cuts will appear.

Lifting with more reps will be tiring and you must feel the burn.

Don’t lift too light.

The sweet spot is 10-12reps with weights that will push you to that limit.


Creatine during this last step

Taking creatine in this last step will create an even bigger, faster effect.

Creatine puts water in the muscles and increases size.

You can see tremendous gains in a short period of time taking creatine.


The shrinkwrap effect is being used by models in photoshoots, actors in movies, bodybuilders in competitions and so on. If you are planning to take your shirt off, let’s say during a beach visit you can plan accordingly.

This effect can be kept year round and to a certain extent is the superfitmen body protocol.



  • 1-3 months of fat loss
  • Get to a real low bodyfat range at even less % then ultimately desired
  • Build dense muscle and strength during this time.
  • Keep bodyfat extra low for a month
  • Next 2 weeks lift in a range of 10-12 reps feeling Ultimate burn.
  • Use creatine if desire.


Comment below about how you got your shrinkwrapped body



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