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Master Text Game – How To Text Girls

how to text girls

Is your ego in the way to finding massive success with women? At times the whole process of attracting women can be troublesome for men. Working with many clients young and old, they were “taught” what they thought was “right” when getting a girl to “like” them. I know, a lot of quotes in that last sentence but I want you to try to throw what you learned when you were young (or if you are still young) in the back of your mind.

In the days of beta males looking for Disney princesses and relationships being dismantled faster than I can swipe right on tinder, it has been an eye-opening experience for the “single man”. Phone calls have turned to texting and social media is how you communicate “who you are” in today’s age. Most men grew up not knowing what calling a girl on the phone feels like. Texting has taken over and is here to stay. If you are an older gentlemen reading this than tough shit… change with the times. Having said that I have discussed how to text a girl and cure neediness for good in this below video.



How To Text Girls

This is a starters approach to how texting should be done being a man of abundance. Texting should not be over done just like over pursuing. When you over pursue you chase the cat away. Women for the most part think they want one thing but really want another. I know when a girl over pursues me and is extremely needy it is a complete turn off. When a salesman calls every day and always asks for a sale, that is annoying. Don’t be needy when texting women! Freedom of outcome and non needy behavior are the most attractive traits a man has in his arsenal. Let the beta males over contact because you should have an abundance of women at your finger tips. Your phone is used to set dates and texting should make it easier to do so.


how to text girls

Master Your Text Game

I like to sway away from calling anything a “game” because it is cliché in today’s age. Although it helps men understand that it is a process to learn when being successful with women. Attraction can not be built over the phone, although excessive interest can be. Portraying the right characteristics through key texts will help your chances of moving the texting to real life talking. That is the whole point of texting a girl unless you like the validation, wasting time or thumb exercising. Here in the video below I discuss a few ways to master your text game by keeping girls “in the loop” to get more dates.



Create A Revolving Door For Women

By not burning bridges with women (unless they are bat shit crazy) you will create an endless amount of girls from the past to come in and out of your life. Mix that with new girls you are approaching and meeting throughout your life and you should never have a problem with finding a date on a day of your choosing. There should be an endless flow of women you can go out with, have sex with or possibly develop a long-term relationship with. If a girl doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore. (what to do after a break up) then its ok because there are millions of women in the world who will possibly see your value as a man. Attachment will lead to pain. Pain can be good for future growing but we don’t want to cause pain we can detour.

 how to text girls

The Process Of Attracting Women

A right mindset and beliefs followed by an approach then a form of contact and a plan of action. This is the method that should be on automatic when you see a woman you find attractive. The process is simple and straight forward. Although approach anxiety, misguided beliefs on how relationships work, along with misunderstanding masculine and feminine dynamics are making things so much harder for men I come across.

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