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The Magic Mike XXL Workout Plan

Every girl I know saw the movie Magic Mike when it came out. Either they liked the actors or the story line but in reality they liked the eye candy. Women love a man with a great body. Although not necessary to get a high quality woman in their life, but it will help the process. The movie about male strippers was the girls night out movie of the year. Let me explain why you want this body. Overly bulky and the “too big bodybuilder” look is a thing of the past. The Magic Mike XXL Workout Plan is not that! If that is your thing you should look else where, but if you want to look like every girls fantasy read on.


The Look

home-chris-bannerDepending on your current level of fitness will determine how much time it will take. You might have to repeat the Magic Mike XXL Workout Plan a few times if you are way behind.

The look is not over done but sexy to the opposite sex. Building certain body parts and at the same time remaining lean in the process. The V lines in your mid section is a must.

Let’s get started!


Workout A

Over Head Standing Dumbbell Press
6-8 reps x 4

Side Lateral Raises
8-12 reps x 4


Barbell Curl
6-8 reps x 4

Incline Dumbbell Curl
8-10 reps x 4

Rope Pulley Hammer Curl
8-12 reps x 4

Rope Triceps Pulldown
8-12 reps x 4

Skull Crushers
6-8 reps x 4

Abs -see below


Workout B


Incline Bench Press
5 reps x 5

Incline Chest Flys
5 reps x 3

Weighted Dips
5-8 reps x 4


Weighted Pull Ups
5-8 reps x 5
(Different variations)

Abs -see below


Workout C

6-8 reps x 5

Shoulders Standing Barbell Press
5 reps x 5

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises
6-8 reps x

Biceps Barbell Curl
6-8 reps x 5

Abs –see below

Skip a day to rest after each workout and rotate thru workout A,B,C.


Lifting Heavy And Why It Is Effective

You want to build dense muscle, so lifting heavy is so important in doing so.

Dense muscles are not necessarily large, but they contain dense muscle fiber and produce more power than larger muscles that aren’t as dense. Building muscle density is useful when you want to increase your strength without bulking up and want to improve your overall fitness level.


Importance Of Having Visible Abs

The Magic Mike look can’t be pulled off if you don’t have abs showing. It is important that you focus on ab training every time in the gym.


Rotate weighted abs with non weighted exercises

You want to add weights to your ab exercises so they will grow. You want them to pop. The myth of using weights for your stomach will result in your midsection getting too big is that… A myth. You need to treat abs like every other muscle and add weights to them.

Now to get the cut aspect of your midsection you need to do traditional ab exercises without weights. This will give you the cuts.

Workout A – weighted ab exercises

Workout B – non weighted exercises

Workout C – weighted ab exercises

Not over done but a generic six pack is so important to pull off the Magic Mike look.



Again depending on where you are on your fitness journey will determine how much cardio you must do or even if you should do any cardio.


If your Overweight

HIIT is the easiest way to shred fat if you are overweight. Outlined on numerous SUPERFITMEN articles and also  you can click here to get the free Ebook “SuperFitMen Starter Guide: Effortless Lose Fat Fast.” To keep it simple, sprint for 45-60 seconds then slow down to a moderate speed for 60 -90 seconds. Do this for 10-15 minutes.

Then you will need to continue to a moderate speed for 20 -40 minutes after your HIIT workout.

A total of 30-50 minutes of cardio if you are an overweight gentleman.


Slightly overweight but on your way

Just do the HIIT workout above and skip the moderate speed cardio.


Fit but have no abs

Just do the moderate Cardio and skip the HIIT


How often should you do cardio?

Overweight – 2 times a week

Slightly overweight – 2 times a week

Fit but have no abs – do what you feel but 1-2 times a week if at all.


Meal Planning

Simple is the SUPERFITMEN way. You must eat a lot of vegetables preferably green leafy ones. To stay lean with your Magic Mike look you should be pushing your carb intake to after your weight training work outs. intermittent fasting is always the best option to stay lean year round.

Food intake ideas

In The End

Get the magic mike body and work on your game. Attract that high quality woman or just look in the mirror and flex. You can change your career and be a stripper, it’s up to you.




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