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Lift heavy or go home


Simple as this.

You go to the gym and want if want to build muscle you lift heavy.

Forget all that 12 reps stuff.

You want to build muscle and not just get a pump.

Follow these steps to get the most out of your workout.


Go to the gym to get a workout

It might sound crazy to say this but if you are going to the gym to just lift something light and not get exhausted from lifting, you need to just go home. Consistency equals results and you must be pushing it hard every time you enter the gym.

Don’t half ass anything and when you leave the gym it should feel like you did a strenuous activity. To get results you can’t just participate. Everytime you walk through the gym doors it’s time to get busy…bottom line.


Find the weight that you can do 5 reps of

Don’t lift to get hurt. Lift to get results.

You need to find weights that you can lift to get 5 reps of.

The classic 5×5 workout is the most powerful tool to building your GQ body.

5 or 6 reps is best and increasing weights as time goes by to increase muscle mass.

5-8 reps is also a sweet spot but you must be lifting heavy and trying to increase weights.

Writing everything down and having structure in the gym is very important with getting results.

If you can lift 10-12 of a certain amount of weight you must lift heavier.

Also don’t just do 5-8 reps with no effort.

You should be doing your workouts to failure or almost to failure with justified weights.


Don’t be a little bitch

Put those small weights down and stop fucking around. You want to see results, you must lift heavy.

Don’t get hurt and make sure you are doing your workouts in great form.

Get a spotter if you feel you can’t handle that amount of weight on a particular exercise.

Put your big boy pants on and get your results.

You want that dense muscle that looks great when you have clothes on and when you take them off.

It’s time to make that move to the big leagues and get strong.

As a superfitman you need to look good and be strong.

In order to be strong you have to lift heavy.

Don’t be that guy at the gym that is swollen but can’t lift his own body weight. You need to be able to perform.

Be a superhero.


When should you lift lighter

There are times to lift light. I will discuss in future post but here I will give an overview. If you want to have the shrinkwrap effect, light weights will be used.

Again I will discuss in a future post. Also mixing light weights in between heavy lifting can be effective.

Of course you will warm up with a light weight. With Supersets you will be using light weights as well.

Lateral raises I like to use light weights to get a burn and also with working out arms.


The point is

Lift heavy for the best results.

Don’t get hurt in the process.

Keep increasing in weight and write down what you do everytime you are in the gym.

Make that gym visit count and make sure you can lift as much as possible doing 5 -8 reps with perfect form.

You are not lifting heavy to show off. You are lifting heavy for maximum results.



Comment how lifting heavy on a 5×5 workout plan changed your body



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