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Intermittent Fasting For Beginners

When you hear the word fasting, many bad thoughts probably come to mind. You think fasting is torturing yourself without food for an extended period of time. It can be true for some but then again not the full truth. I am going to explain what intermittent fasting is and the positive effects it can cause on your body and lifestyle.

Intermittent fasting is a term used that revolves around an eating pattern that cycles around fasting and eating. I will not get too in depth on the different kinds of intermittent fasting (IF) there is. I am just going to explain which one works for me.

The easy way to do this

Everyone wants the instant gratification and the easy way out. I can’t guarantee you this is as easy as you like but this is easy for me and the best way to stay lean year round.

Only allow an 8-9 hour window to eat. The easiest way to do this is to skip breakfast. Upon waking up do not eat anything for around 5-6 hours. Now this may seem hard at first but coffee or tea can be consumed during this period of not eating when waking up. As long as you are not consuming any more then 30 calories, then you will be safe. Water is great along with some green tea extract. Make sure you watch what you put in your coffee and tea because over loading it with sugar and milk will defeat the purpose.

So let’s say you wake up at 7am. Only water and sipping on coffee will keep you in your fasted state. Have your lunch at 12-1pm will be ideal. Now the total intermittent fasting time should be any where from 14-16hrs. If you start eating at 12pm and you only eat during an 8 hour window, so your last meal is at 8pm, when you do it again the next day you have fasted 16hrs when you start your 8hr window again at 12noon.

Sounds confusing? It’s not really. Let me go over it again.

Wake up and do not eat for 5-6 hours. Only coffee, sparkling water, tea, water to name a few non Calorie drinks.

When you break your fast, only allow eating to happen in the 8-9 hr window.

Do this every day to have a 14-16hour fast which includes when you sleep.

See you are including the time you are catching z’s so it makes it a much enjoyable experiences.

Why intermittent fasting?

IF is a very powerful tool to use for fat loss. It helps to make stored body fat more accessible. If you do workout in a fasted state, you will be burning fat not the food you consumed before your workout.

Human growth hormones go up and insulin levels go down. Major benefits of fat loss and muscle gains. It is proven that IF can also help with reducing belly fat without having to worry about restricting calories.

It is the most easiest way to stay lean throughout the year and live the effortless alpha lifestyle. You can eat more of the foods you love without having to worry about a diet all week. You can also not worry about eating 6-7 small meals every day. You can live your life and see results in your physique.

You are also able to concentrate more on your mission as a man when you are in a fasted state. I find that all my ideas and best planning, thoughts, decisions, and life goals come in the fasted state which is in the first 5 hours upon waking up.

You will also not feel bloated through out the day like when you ate breakfast. Your morning six pack will be visible till you go to sleep.

It is shown that intermittent fasting can have many positive factors in your body and brain. It is shown that it can reduce inflammation, help protect against type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

This is IF 101

You need to try this for more then just a week. You will see results very quickly. Fat will be lost and if you follow a 5×5 workout, strength and muscle size will not deteriorate. The first few days might be hard for some who are use to eating breakfast, but stick with it and you will soon not be hungry when waking up.

Just think that it was a habit that was brought to you by the good folks at Kellogg’s to sell their cereal. Do animals eat when they wake up? No! They got to hunt for their food. Do the same and be the king of the concrete jungle.



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