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Top 6 Ways to Overcome Hunger

Fat loss is one of the biggest issues for those struggling with their progress to get their perfect body. We tend to over eat and it becomes a domino effect of excessive fat over a period of time. Going to the gym and exercising is only half the battle. If we are over eating then all that work in the gym won’t mean much.

Eating healthy is the secret key to developing a great looking physique. The 80/20 rule of eating right is still a staple in the SuperFitMen way but if you are far behind on your course then it should not be more of the latter. I will discuss here 6 ways to overcome your hunger so you can reach your goals fast!

1. intermittent Fasting

Might not make sense that fasting will overcome hunger but if done right it will help you in your over all fat loss goal. By pushing your meals way past your wake up time it will leave more room for calories later on in the day.

You will get use to not eating in the morning by drinking coffee or tea and focusing on your goals. I become extremely focused on work or whatever I am doing in a fasted state.

eating fruit
2. Eating Fruit

This is another great way to overcome hunger because it will curb your hunger in-between meals. A quick 100 calories or so of something healthy like an apple will help you with dealing with hunger. Instead of eating something like a bag of chips or cookies, fruit is something that will satisfy you until it’s time to eat your next meal.

Don’t over do it because too much fruit is not good. All that sugar and calories will defeat the purpose of your fat loss.


3. Coffee and Tea

Again not something to abuse because of caffeine but coffee or tea will hold off your hunger until it’s time for a meal. If you sip on it through your day and not chug it down that is. The point is to not have much wasted calories on junk food and drinks because you want to save those calories for food, better yet the foods you love.

So incorporated with intermittent fasting and also after lunch, coffee and tea is a great tool to overcome your hunger.


Branched chained amino acids are one of my favorite supplements. I use it with my fasted workouts so I don’t lose muscle mass. It can also be used to over come your hunger if sipped through the day.

I use it before and during my weighted workouts but it can be used throughout the day as well. 10-15 grams of Scivation, Xtend BCAAs, Mango Nectar, 30 Servings is all you need!

green tea extract
5. Green Tea Extract

This is another great tool that is extremely good for you. In pill format I take it with coffee in the mornings. It can also be used throughout the day and it curbs your hunger. Try it and be amazed at the slight effects of green tea extract.

splitting side dishes
6. Splitting Side Dishes

I saved the best for last! This is a secret that I found works great in overcoming hunger and helping with fat loss goals. I call it splitting side dishes. Basically what you do is eat your meals spread out throughout the day.

For example: Lets say you are having a skirt steak with broccoli, and roasted potatoes. Having the skirt steak and some broccoli now then later on in the day have the potatoes with the rest of the broccoli. You can even add some melted cheese on the potatoes and broccoli! This will help with your calorie goals and keep you satisfied during the day.

These are a few tips to overcome your hunger although it is all a mental game with yourself on how to deal with hunger issues. Pushing your meals later on in the day is something I feel helps because then you are able to enjoy the foods you love.

You wake up, hunt, kill, then eat as a SuperFitMan. Any questions about fat loss or overcoming hunger join the newsletter so you can have full access!




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