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How To Kill Approach Anxiety: 8 Ways To Approach Women Without Fear

8 ways to approach women without fear

Approach anxiety can ruin your chances with developing a successful relationship with the women you want in your life. We all get the feelings and they are pretty normal. The sweaty palms, heavy heart beat, feeling of nerves and discomfort, paranoia that everyone is watching you and the making of excuses not to take action. I will give you some tips to conquer your approach anxiety and move past it for ultimate success in your approaching of women.

But First

These feelings your having are completely normal. We are designed as humans to develop these fears in order for survival. When man was approached by a predator living in caves and having to hunt for food these fears helped him survive. The thing is now we live in a much different world and we feel the same symptoms when approaching a beautiful woman. Our fears have been skewed and now our approach to a beautiful girl is similar to the fear of hunting for food to stay alive.


Here Are 8 Ways To Kill Your Approach Anxiety


1. Look your best every day

This is a big excuse for men approaching women because when we don’t look our best our confidence is downgraded. You need to be leaving your house every day feeling a sense of greatness. Getting in a great mood and looking your best is key to feeling worthy of a successful approach.

This means always be well groomed and freshly clean. Your clothes should be well fit and always be in your best attire. This doesn’t mean wear a suit everyday if you work as a construction worker (Unless that is your thing). This means have a style that attracts women and always try your best to look your best. You don’t want to add that you don’t have a fresh haircut on your list of excuses when it’s time to approach.


2. Warm up

It is so important to warm up before you go out there and expect results. This means talk to everyone. You must focus on being a sociable man and saying hello to strangers is a good start. From the moment you step out your house it would be in good practice to smile at people and say hello to those who come in your path.

Starting from not talking to anyone all day then approaching a pretty girl and starting a conversation will be difficult. That would be going from 0-100 too quick. Talking to everyone and getting momentum will create a positive groove with your conversation skills. You need to be making more then a few approaches each day to kill your approach anxiety. It will get easier after the couple of approaches you make and talking with everyone will be beneficial to this result.


3. The 3 second rule

I will keep this tip short and sweet because it is self explanatory. Once you see a woman you find attractive and want to approach you must do it in 3 seconds. The 3 seconds doesn’t give you time to think of the endless amounts of excuses you will come up with. For example: she probably has a boyfriend, she is talking on the phone, she looks mean, I don’t want to bother her… The list goes on and on.

You don’t give your mind time to think. It should be an impulse and an automatic reaction on your end. This tip alone will work wonders on killing your approach anxiety. So use it wisely.


4. Listen to uplifting music

Before you start your day or as you are enjoying your day you can listen to inspiring music that will put you in a good mood. It is so important to be in a positive mind frame in approaching women because who wants to talk to a negative depressed man. Get a playlist together and start listening to music that inspires you to approach.


5. Get the right mind frame

This is a topic in itself but you should have the right mind frame when approaching and a matter of fact living your life as a SuperFitMan. Confidence is key to success in this area and a lot of life’s goals. If you are not confident to begin with it is easy to “fake it to you make it.”

The way you stand and walk is a good way to improve in becoming more confident. Take up more space then you normally do and stand up tall. Walk with your chest out and pretend there is a string around your chest lifting you up. Body language is so important with attracting the opposite sex. Even more important then what you mumble out your mouth.

You are the prize and don’t be dependent on the outcome. It doesn’t matter what happens in the approach because the more you do it the better you will become. It’s not about the outcome it’s about the journey. Your first few approaches are not going to be good but as long as you stay positive and be in the right mind frame as a man you will see progress.


6. Get a partner in crime

Ok, your not going to commit any crimes but it can help if you have a friend who has similar goals in conquering approach anxiety. Make it a game and take turns approaching. Have fun with it and meet new people. Your worst thought of what could happen usually will NOT happen. You must understand that, so get a wing man to help with a critique on your approach.


7. Learn to love rejection

This is also an important tip with approach anxiety although always overlooked. You need to understand that rejection will happen and it is perfectly fine. Every woman you approach will not like you. She can be having a bad day, have a boyfriend, not be a nice person, not want to be approached, and even some will be in shock that you are directly approaching her ( because most guys don’t do it).

You will get rejected and then there will be times you won’t get rejected. As long as you do the approach it doesn’t matter if you get rejected or not. You will be kicking yourself even more if you did not approach then approaching and then getting rejected. You can also use it as part of your warm up. You need to be seasoned at this to become good.


8. Simple and easy

This is the last tip I have for you in killing your approach anxiety. You need to keep things simple and make it easy for yourself. Act normal! I know it sounds like simple advice but most guys don’t know how to act normal. Be a regular man in society and talk to the girl the same way. When you are not normal she will treat you abnormally. You will have plenty of time to be your crazy self when you start dating.

It should be an easy process. No need to run down the block after a woman you see with a nice ass. You are living your life and the women who come in your path are the ones you will approach. Start with a “hello” and “how are you”. You can even state what you are feeling toward her in the moment but don’t chase the cat away.


Follow these simple but effective steps in killing your approach anxiety and start talking to the women you wish to develop relationships with. Killing your approach anxiety can be easy if you just go out there and do it. You can read this 100 times but if you are not applying it by testing it out for yourself it is useless. Good luck and have fun.




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