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The Christmas Party Hookup: Rules & Guidelines


It’s that time of the year to spend with family, friends and loved ones. You exchange gifts and enjoy the season of giving to others. Now by the title of this article you are expecting much more then just some sappy holiday reading. I will guide you through a few dos and don’ts on Christmas party antics. Also how to have sex at your Christmas party.

If it is a young lady you had your eye on for a while now or its some new girl in your office that you find attractive, there is always a way to seduce.


Let me explain what you should do in a few steps.


1. You must be looking good

This is a given but you must be dressed to impress. If you look sharp and smell good that will help tremendously. Don’t go over board with dressing up but depending on your style, you should be looking better then you normally look at work.


2. Identify your targets

There may be a few woman you have your eye on or just one hot secretary that you wanted to fuck since you started your job, but either way identify your targetThe more the better, since having only one woman you want will usually not end well. Lots of distractions that can come into play when just dealing with one woman. She may be married, have a boyfriend, not interested in you, a lesbian or just a prude.

Having multiple woman you want and making a mental list of who is on top and who is on the bottom of the list is a good way to determine who is the best target. Depending how big your party is will also determine how many targets are available.


3. Alcoholic beverages

Now drinking does a lot to help woman get into the mood. It also helps men which you must of heard before is “liquid courage”. I need you to make sure you don’t get too drunk because it will usually not end well. A matter of fact you shouldn’t be drinking at all for maximum results. You should be conscious of what your plan is and set it forth on a sober mind. You can have a drink or two but don’t get drunk, leave that to your targets and they will be spreading there legs in no time.


4. Flirting and touching

You must be flirting with your targets and when I say flirting, I mean extreme flirting. It should start as soon as you enter the party. Now don’t go too extreme in the beginning. You just want to be real social as you enter the party. I recommend before you go to the party have a positive conversation with a good friend. You want to be warmed up before you enter the party so you are in your best state possible.

It is showtime! And tonight is the night. You have this one chance to fuck a co-worker and have it be ok to continue a work friendly environment after you do so. So start out being social and escalate to full on flirting through out the night. The more drinks your target has, the more flirting. Touching in a non sexual way is also key. It will set off attraction vibes that will get you closer to a bathroom fuck. Now let’s to discuss where sex can happen.


5. Where and how?

Like I said, the bathroom fuck as been around for years. You can sneak in the bathroom after you developed the attraction and correctly seduced the target. The built up tension will explode in the bathroom and that bathroom stall will be rocking. I should also say this.. You will want this to be a secret. You don’t want any co workers to know you are having sex. That’s why there should be no kissing in public.

The car is a good way to have sex without people knowing. You can go out for a breath of fresh air then escalate outside with some heavy making out without people seeing. Then make an excuse to go to your car for something. You can say anything really, she will go with you if she is down to fuck. You can say “You left your grandmother in the car and you forgot to crack the window, you wanna come?” She will be like “ok!” If she is down to fuck.

A back alley or any secluded area is good to have sex, but I don’t recommend bringing the target home. Reality will set in and it may turn disastrous. You want a quick fuck and back to the party. A hot moment between the both of you that shouldn’t get into anything else.


6. Make sure she is not crazy

Now if you want to keep your job and you like working there, don’t fuck the crazy chick you work with. Your job is at risk and things normally will turn out bad. There is a number of things that could happen and it is not worth it. You don’t need that stress just to fuck that girl at your Christmas party.


7. Dont have sex with your boss

Or anyone that could fire you. You may think it would be great, you fuck her good and she will give you a raise. No. It will never happen that way. She might catch feelings and decided you don’t play a good role in the company anymore. Things might get awkward and you don’t want that at your job. You want willing participants.

Many people don’t stay at their job for too long anyway, so fucking that hot girl that just started can work in your favor, not fucking the boss. Even if you want to continue having sex with your boss, if you do so, it will 99% end badly. Unless you don’t even like your job, then go ahead and fuck your boss.


8. How to react after the party

Now I explained how to act at the party. Don’t let anyone know you had sex. No public affection or kept to a minimum. Flirt and try to have many targets to choose from. Have fun and hook up with a co-worker that you feel is normal. After the party you should not tell anyone your business. It should be a special connection you had with your target. You can do what you want after the party and see how she reacts to it. I would not mention it to your target and let her come to you about it.

Always be gentlemen and a good guy… Not a nice guy but a good guy, and keep it real with her. If you really like your target you can try to take it to another level. I don’t recommend shitting where you eat but if you want to take that chance go ahead.


Make sure you have fun and don’t take it too serious. It can be a goal to fuck that hot girl at your office but if it doesn’t happen it’s ok. It’s a hard task because the work place can be a sticky situation when you mix in sex. Feelings may get involved and a downward spiral could begin. If you don’t fuck, there is always next year. Who know, there might be an even hotter target at next years party.


Happy holidays.



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