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How To Get The Line Down Your Chest


If you want to build an aesthetically pleasing body you want to be able to see cuts. Getting ripped to a certain level while not over doing it is key to looking good in and out of clothes. The line down the middle of the chest is most sought after cut of them all. Here I will tell you how to get the cut and have a nice looking chest.


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Losing The Fat

If you have skimmed through my other articles you will see the on going trend. Losing the fat is the main focus when it comes to looking good and that applies as well to getting that cut down your chest. If there is a whole bunch of fat covering your chest you won’t see that line. So lose fat first while building up your pecs.

how to get line down your chest

Incline Bench

The most important exercises to have that line show is the incline bench press. This exercise whether it’s with dumbbells or a barbell will give your chest a box like shape which is sought after. Most guys lack the upper chest size and this will help make the chest more full. Building up your upper pecs will help with other muscle groups and lifts as well.


how to get line down your chest

Incline Dumbbell Fly

This exercise is key in getting that line down your chest and building an over all aesthetically pleasing body. You want to build the muscles that are in the middle of the chest and this one works great for that. I come to realize that this exercise along with the incline bench press is all you need to build a good-looking chest period! Although every persons body is different and I may shoot my self in the foot for saying that. Do the incline dumbbell fly and see if it works for you.

Close Grip Bench Press

Any sort of close grip bench press will help build the inner part of your chest. It may work other body parts as well but it will hit the inside of your chest good enough to give you that cut in the middle of your chest. Flat, incline or decline can be applied here. Close grip your way to getting that cut!





Any sort of calisthenics can help you get cut period. Along with losing the fat doing pull-ups, chin ups, but really dips and push-ups can help extremely well. Weighed dips and push-ups will get your chest strong as well. You want to be building up size within the inside of your chest and lose the fat (if you have fat to lose).


how to get line down your chest

Mind Muscle Focus

It is very important when working out any body part that you have the mind muscle connection to help hit that particular muscle. You must focus on the muscle you are exercising and feel it working. You can lift a ton of weight by if you don’t feel it working then it won’t help as much. Flexing and stretching also helps to be able to feel your muscles. Concentrate on the inner and upper part of your chest while doing the exercises I discussed above and you will see that line cut in no time.





Workout in the gym hard and do the exercises that matter. Self evaluating yourself is key to reaching your fitness goals. Possibly workout your chest 2-3 times a week if you are lacking muscle in that part of your body. Also remember fitness is not that serious but if you follow what I tell you it will become effortless to get SuperFit.




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