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How To Get The Best Results On A First Date

I will be sharing general, but useful information that will help you in gaining the best results with your first date.

Whether you think this woman is the girl of your dreams or you are just looking to have fun, there are certain things you should do and not do to get the best out of the first meeting.

Mannerisms, body language, wording of your conversation and your appearance are just a few things that can make or break a first date.

A second date might not happen if you make subtle mistakes. Although you might not want a second date because a first date is a way to weed out what you don’t want.

You are the prize and you can get any woman you want.

To a certain extent that is.

You should only be going out with woman who have a high attraction for you. Things should be effortless in dating. You are there to give and have a good time. When I say “give” I don’t mean buy her things. I mean give her your time and to have fun with her.

Let me get to it.


Plan to have a drink

A first date should be a drink at first. When I say drink, I mean a beer, cocktail, coffee, tea etc. Anywhere you can talk and get to know her.

A movie or somewhere loud is a bad idea. You need to communicate and see if she is worth your time. With a quick drink you will be able to tell if you want to take it further.

You obviously think she is attractive but you need to know a little about her to see if she is on your level. Men fall in love with there eyes. For woman it takes time and careful bonding and communication.

First date extravagance is ridiculous.

You should not be spending a lot of money on someone you just met, let alone someone you may not like or someone who doesn’t really like you. There are woman who go out on dates just because they are bored and have little to no attraction for the guy. They may just want to take that free helicopter ride to that rooftop, eat at that five star restaurant and have no interest in you.

You need to be reading her attraction for you at all times.


Make plans in the evening

No lunch dates or brunch on Sunday. Leave that for her friends or that guy she friend zoned a month ago.

Your focus is to show her a good time and increase her level of attraction for you. Also flirting and seducing which can ultimately lead to kissing, touching and sex. This usually can not be done on a lunch date. It is possible but not likely.

You don’t want to be her friend, you want to be her lover. Make plans for the night.


Where to go?

Like I said before, have a drink or two at a bar. If you feel she is someone you want to know further then you can carry the date somewhere else.

The reason I say only a drink is to be able to say goodbye quick if you are not feeling the girl. You can have a drink and leave if she is boring or someone you don’t want to know any further.

If things are going well you can go from a drink, then to another place to grab a bite to eat. Appetizers at a different location.

You want to go to a place that has other nice places around. If things are going well you want to jump to a different location.

The reason for this to create the illusion that you are going on multiple dates in one night. The multiple locations will create more positive experiences that will ultimately lead to a deeper connection.

She will unconsciously think that you went out a few times and this will lead to her opening up to you faster. The faster she opens up to you the quicker you can get inside her. That is the goal in the end.

Not saying you will or should have sex on the first date but most girls have sex with guys on the second, third or fourth date. This will increase your chances for that deeper connection and possibly having sex on the first date. If that is what you or the woman wants.

An ideal scenario is 3 locations.

Meet for a drink.

After some good conversation and a connection you go to another place for a bite to eat.

After more time and fun go to another location, like somewhere to shoot pool, throw darts, bowling etc.

Something physical that is fun.

Something that can enheighten touching and being playful.

You can stay in the same location after a drink and just move to a different part of the bar, restaurant etc. Have a drink at a bar, then if things are going well, go to a table and get something to eat.

But like I said, leaving and going to another place is a better bet. The process of walking to the car and entering a different atmosphere helps with the connection and making her feel comfortable.


The conversation

You should be doing as little talking as possible. She should be doing around 75% of the talking…give or take.

You should be asking questions.

You must be interested in her.

You want to know all about her.

If you don’t have questions for her then you are probably not that interested and you should just end the date.

You must remain positive with any questions you answer.

Everything said should have a positive spin on it. Do not dwell on anything negative. If the convo goes down that road you need to quickly switch the subject. If you haven’t had a date in 5 years do not share that.

You must come across cool calm and collective. As natural as possible.

You should have an abundance mentality. Not eager or needy.

Never talk about future plans you will have together and in no way any relationship talk.

You should make her feel happy and have her be the center of your attention. You should be a mystery to her and at the same time make her feel comfortable. She should be wondering about you when the date is over.

Keep answers short and playful. Make her laugh and be the leader of the conversation.


Body language and touching

If the date is going well you should attempt playful touching. Testing it out and seeing if it is ok to touch her. Often the woman will be the first to touch, then that’s when you know it is ok.

Always match her touching and then follow with something a little more.

For example: She touches your arm when you said something funny, follow with touching her arm and caressing.

These are things woman do to show you it’s ok to touch. They will touch first.

It’s important to be as natural as possible.

Read her body language and look into her eyes.

Is her legs cross toward you? Is she twirling her hair? Does she keep eye contact with you when talking? Is she smiling? All signs of her interest.

Again you must be reading her attraction.

You don’t want to waste your time and money on someone who has low attraction. Things should be effortless and she should want you more then you want her(or have it appear that way).

Your body language is very important as well.

Sit back in your chair.

You must appear calm and relaxed.

Take up a lot of space and take the lead.

You are the man and you lead the direction in which the date should go.

Do not appear nervous like ripping beer labels off the bottle or playing with a napkin.

You should be smiling and holding eye contact with a playful conversation.


Go for the kiss

You should get a kiss on the first date if things are going well. That is showing her that you are interested.

If she turns her cheek or doesn’t kiss back that may be a sign of low interest.

You want to know as soon as possible if she is interested or if she is not.

You don’t want to waste your time and money on a second date if she is not into you or she only wants to be friends.

Going for a kiss is a great indicator to see if she is interested and it can also lead to more.

You can go for the kiss when you feel it is right or wait till the end of the night.

The sooner the better because then you have a higher chance of having sex.


What now?

After you have a successful first date there might be a chance for a second date.

Do not plan your second date while on your first date.

No future talk with her.

You are a man with options and you have to make time for her with your busy schedule or make it seem that way.

An ideal situation would be a call or text from her first to tell you what a great time she had. If that happens, once she reaches out to you ask her when she is free and plan a second date.

Don’t be eager, needy or show any sign of desperation.

If she doesn’t call you within a couple of days you should give her a call.

I would wait a few days and keep the conversation brief. You should ask her when she is free to meet up again. If she is willing and interested there shouldn’t be any hesitation.

Woman make time for men they are interested in.

If she gives you the run around just tell her to give you a call when her plans clear up.

Don’t hold your breath. Wait a week and try again.

If she still doesn’t give you a straight answer there is no need to continue.

Leave it open to her and do not contact her again.

Don’t burn bridges.

If she contacts you just try to make plans.

Anything can be going on in the background like other men, ex-boyfriends, work problems, family issues etc.

So you have to let her come and go as she pleases.

If you are dating other girls you shouldn’t be eager anyway.

When a train leaves there is always another one on its way.


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