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It’s getting hot out for the summer and you want to show off your hard beach body right? Well if you been working hard in the gym it shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t worry I am here to show you how to get ripped in two weeks or less.

Abs are made in kitchen. You heard this so many times that you probably sick of hearing it. It is true but to a certain extent. Yes in order to have a six pack you need to be eating smart but no, you don’t need to be eating healthy 24/7.

A Disclaimer

Now if you are extremely over weight I am not promising that you will get ripped in two weeks or less. In this world of instant gratification and quick fixes you expect everything handed to you. This is probably why you clicked on this article from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Sorry to tell you BUT you need to work hard at first to get ripped. Dedicating 3 months to your fitness goal is all you need to get on the right track.

Let’s Get Started

Now that we got the disclaimer out the way, let’s get right to it! If you got this far in reading this article you must be determined to getting ripped in two weeks or less. It is not a hoax. It is possible to get lean and lose a good amount of fat in two weeks. I am not a firm believer in crash diets or throwing up in the bathroom after a meal. We practice a healthy lifestyle here at SUPERFITMEN not a strict diet of eating foods you don’t like. Follow me and you will be on your way to eat good and look good as well.

First Step To Getting Ripped

The right move to make in order for you to lean down in two weeks or less is to cut out unhealthy foods for the time being. I know it is common sense but you really need to follow it and have a strict focus for at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week. You also need to cut out certain foods that we will get to later on in this article. But you need to understand that eating healthy is key to a two week transformation.

The Foods To Cut Out

Now I have your attention here is a list of certain foods you should cut out in order to get ripped in two weeks or less.


double cheeseburger hold the bun!

Any sort of food that involves bread should be cut out and forgotten about for two weeks or more. Better yet you should try to cut out bread all together. I know it is hard when you love pizza like I do but eating pizza will NOT help the process of getting ripped. You really should be eating foods that are not man made. Be like a cave man and watch those six pack abs pop out. So all the sandwiches, pizza, and cereals should be done with. A great tip is to use lettuce as a bun to your cheeseburger or grilled chicken sandwich. You might miss bread but you DO want to get RIPPED in two weeks right? You can have pizza next month.

Keep Sugar Low

supefitmenDon’t over do it with fruit since you are trying to eat healthy now. Over doing sugar will only do you harm in the grand scheme of things. The affects of sugar can mess you up when you are trying to get ripped. Again you need to sacrifice two weeks to fitness in order to get ripped. Create positive habits and then you can lean back once you took those six pack selfies.

Low On Carbs

get rippedKeep carbs to a minimum when you are trying to lean down. One carb a day is key to your ripped success.

When I say one carb A DAY that means you are allowed an ample amount of carbs from a list of these approved carbohydrates below.

  1. Rice, Brown or Wild – 1 Cup
  2. Sweet Potato -1 Medium
  3. Quinoa – 1 Cup
  4. Baked Beans – 1 Cup
  5. Couscous – 1 Cup
  6. Hummus – 1 Cup
  7. Lentils – 1 Cup
  8. Potato – 1 (2″x 4″)
  9. Low Fat Refried Beans – 1 Cup


What To Eat To Get Ripped

Lots Of Vegetables And Greens

superfitmenI repeat a lot of greens and vegetables. It is so important to eat veggies especially for your first meal of the day. Stay inside your calories or the process of how you determine the amount of food your going to intake. Hence, I don’t  count calories. But make sure you are eating salads, spinach, broccoli, etc. Also don’t cook them with high calorie condiments. Steam everything and use oil and vinegar for your salad.

High Protein & Keep It Lean

Protein is not only going to build muscle but it will help you with hunger (if you have a issue with that click here—> Ways To Overcome Hunger). You need protein so you will enjoy your meals.

Here is a list of proteins you will be able to implement in your ripped in two weeks mission.

  1. Tunaprotein
  2. Red Meat, Lean
  3. Egg Whites
  4. Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breast or Turkey Breast
  5. Protein Powder
  6. Red Meat (Top Sirloin, Skirt Steak)
  7. Fish and Shellfish
  8. Tofu
  9. Turkey Bacon
  10. Ham – Fat Free


Intermittent Fasting Will Work

Don’t eat breakfast and push your first meal later on in the day so you will be burning fat while you are doing NOTHING. When you are fasted for 16 plus hours your body is looking for something to burn for energy. Don’t give your body food to burn, let it burn the fat. This is a simplified explanation to why you should be practicing intermittent fasting. For more information on how to get started wth intermittent fasting click here—-> intermittent Fasting For Beginners

Now Lets Get To Work

It’s not all in the food intake to getting ripped in TWO WEEKS or less. You must put in the work of physical activity. A weight training workout plan is key to building muscle but what about getting ripped? As I type this on the treadmill I see a bunch of fat guys lined up to get the next lift in on the flat bench at the gym. It’s really an epidemic on how many fat guts I see at the gym NOT focusing on losing FAT. I am not sure what you want your body to look like but I don’t want to look like a big doofy gym rat wit a fat gut. Well that is another article at another time. Let’s get to what you should do in the gym to get RIPPED in two weeks or less.

The Treadmill

fast and easy HIIT workoutBecome friends with the treadmill. If you hate the treadmill treat it like a business partner or a girl you are going to have a one night stand with. The treadmill is key to getting ripped in two weeks or less whether you like it or not. Now it’s not only the treadmill, it’s the work that is applied on the treadmill that will get you shredded.


HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING will help you reach your ripped goals in two weeks or less. Done 2 or 3 times a week is more then enough to getting that shredded body and getting the six pack for the summer or for the winter indoor Olympics. Now discussed in other articles I won’t get too in detail about HIIT. For more info on high intensity interval training click here —–> Simple Ways to Burn Fat Fast with HIIT

Devoting Days To Only Cardio

Setting days aside to not lift but to be with your new best friend (the treadmill) is so important to getting ripped in two weeks or faster. A low intensity walk for 40-60 minutes while you play on your phone will do wonders.( I am not joking!) Either you are doing HIIT or a low intensity workout (like a long walk) can burn calories and get you ripped in two weeks. Combined with eating the way I told you above. Your muscle building process is not going anywhere so don’t worry. A matter a fact you need to let your muscles rest in order for them to grow. Get to it and put aside 2 days to devote to cardio.

Don’t Lose The Muscle

In order for you to not lose the muscle I suggest trying branched chained amino acids (BCAA). Again I wrote much about this in other articles but I will keep it short and sweet. Sip on BCAA while you are working out so you don’t lose your hard earned muscle. This is the number one supplement I use along with a pre workout. For more info on branched chained amino acids you can click here—-> Why You Should Be Taking BCAA

The Full Body Workout

For getting ripped as your main goal in two weeks or less I would recommend a full body workout plan. This is a Segway for one of my free programs I have by clicking below the one that is right for you below.

The GQ Workout Plan

Workout Plan FOR The Working Man

The Magic Mike XXL Workout Plan


In Conclusion

It is possible to get ripped in two weeks or less. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Although it does depend on what level of fitness your on at the current moment. If you are fat then you should work on losing fat and NOT focus on getting ripped YET. Get to a level of fitness where your at a good amount of body fat then you can get ripped in two weeks or less. For more information on how to get ripped effortlessly download the FREE EBOOK by clicking here—–>How to Effortlessly Lose Fat Fast.

Good luck and get ripped!






  1. By keeping repair and recovery constant between workouts, you’ll have your metabolism working overtime to keep up. This type of schedule is not sustainable in the long term, but you’ll find that your body can do almost anything for a two-week block, often with positive results.

  2. By keeping repair and recovery constant between workouts, you’ll have your metabolism working overtime to keep up. This type of schedule is not sustainable in the long term, but you’ll find that your body can do almost anything for a two-week block, often with positive results.

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