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How To Get More Dates When Online Dating


Are you single?

Has it been a while since you had sex?

Do you want more dates and more girls to choose from in your love life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you should try the online dating full court press. Since the NBA Finals and NFL Draft are on right now, I decided to give it this name. We live in a technology based world and it is now not weird to online date. A matter a fact most people prefer it.

Online dating is compared to shopping on AMAZON You pick what you want without trying it on or seeing it in person and hope for the best. Since tinder has hit the main stream, all I see is commercials of all the success they made with finding people love. Single men should be doing full court presses or blitzes every quarter.

Now what is the full court press method?

The full court press method is when you go on a message sending rampage on all online dating platforms you are currently on. You send a ton of messages and play the numbers game to the extent. Copy and pasting messages are the best way to separate the women who are interested and the women who are not.

If you go on this blitz of message bombarding you will come out with only a few responses. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get many messages back, it can be because your photos are not up to par or profile is not filled out right. There are plenty of fitness articles on my site that could get you into shape and show you how to dress to get more women’s attention. Click here to read an article about that. It is essential that you get some quality photos up and to not look like a douche bag.

Start Now

Now you have your profile set up correctly it’s time to do the full court press. Each quarter, so 4 times a year should be more than enough blitzes to get enough willing women who are interested to go out on dates with you. Excluding validation queens and woman just on the apps or sites for attention you can have a full week of dates each month. Now this will lead to a lot of flakes and women who will catfish you. Not catfish like the MTV show but catfish like they don’t look like their photos.

After a while you will learn what to look for when it comes to meeting women in person from online dating practice. The angles and only headshots usually lead to showing up to a meet up seeing a fat girl. Maybe you are into fat girls but I am not. Some are sexy but I had enough fat girl love to last me the rest of my life. The women who jump on the site or app and are new to online dating are the best although they are quick to disappear and flake. You want to manage your time where you are not dealing with too many flakes. Online dating can be a big time waster and it sucks when you meet up with a girl who doesn’t look like her photo.

This is like ordering a shirt on jackthreads and it is too big to even wear. You may only wear the shirt to sleep, just like you will only have sex with the girl who doesn’t look like their photo.

So each quarter or however many times you want to do the full court press a year, you go on a copy and paste messaging frenzy. Get phone numbers as quick as possible and meet up in person fast as well. Don’t stop messaging once you have one or two phone numbers. Like I said before flakes are higher with online dating.

More is better


Mix this full court press blitz with in person gaming such as cold approaching and social circle dating you will have enough dates for every weekend and more. You will have to turn down girls and pick the ones you like the best. It is a numbers game but it is also a strategic mind game.

When all else fails trial and error is the key to your dating success. Testing out profile photos and different profile descriptions for each quarter will help you reach new plateaus and get hotter girls. It’s a science and learn how to master it.

Come up with an online dating opener yourself but a simple “hey there, how was your weekend?” can work fine. I will not tell you exactly what to say but make it good, mass send it and see how you do. Creating Chemistry by using the interests labeled on the woman’s profile can help tremendously. Don’t read profiles at first only if they respond because like I said before this is very time-consuming.

The point of the full court press blitz is to save time. You don’t want to be spinning your wheels and come out dateless because every girl you hoped would message you back flaked. Try the full court press blitz and tell me how it works out for you. Forget messaging only the women you like. It won’t work in your favor.




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