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How To Get Fit So You Look Good In Clothes

how to get fit to look good in clothes

I written countless articles on how to get lean and not be a fat man. A matter of fact I written articles on how to be an ultimate man. Fitness shouldn’t be taken that serious and there should be more important things happening in your life besides getting a six pack. Well with that being said, let me explain how to get fit so you look good in clothes because taking your shirt off doesn’t happen too often. Mostly in the hot weather months or in the bedroom with the opposite sex but besides that you will be wearing clothes.


Looking Good

Looking good can mean a number of things to different people but the universal appearance of a fit man is the same. If you are on steroids or too big to fit into regular cut jeans then getting lean should be your focus. You want broad shoulders and to have a fit physique but you want to be able to fit into clothing properly. The big shoulders and small waste is the stellar look to looking good in clothing. Although being too lean may look good with a shirt off but with clothes on people will be asking you if you are sick and need food. Finding the middle point to being lean and not be too big is key to looking good in clothes.


Clothes You Wear

It so important to actually have a good fit when it comes to clothes. You can be in the best shape of your life but if your clothes don’t fit well it won’t show. Wearing clothes too big could make you look smaller than you are or fatter then you are. Depends on your current physical state. Also having your clothes too tight will make you look too try hard and plainly make you look like an idiot. Getting a good tailor is key but when it comes to a t-shirt, trying out different brands and sizes will be a good idea to finding a perfect fit. T-shirts are hit or miss depending on brand but when I find a brand and size that fits great, I buy multiple colors of the same shirt.



Simple Is Better

Just like what I teach with my workouts it is the same with clothing. Simple is better. Being outlandish with crazy designs will only distract others from your body and also make you look like a tool asshole. Yes, I do wear loud shirts but not every day. But then again if that is your personality then go for it! Wear what makes you feel comfortable but make sure it fits good.




Save the baggy jeans for the 90s. Those days are over and your jeans should fit well. A grown man with baggy jeans or jeans hanging below his ass won’t be a man taken too serious. Also tight skinny jeans is not a good idea as well. Save the painted on jeans for the opposite sex. If it’s too tight and it hurts your junk then you are buying the wrong size. I recommend slim cut, regular cut or skinny that is not too tight.



Body Parts To Focus On

Now that I got most of the clothes out of the way, let’s discuss what body parts to workout. Arms and shoulders are key to looking good in clothes. For the most part those are the body parts broadcasted through shirts and make you look fit. Big legs can be disregarded because having big legs will result in big pants… Thus making you look like an asshole. Don’t look like an asshole, look SuperFit. If you currently have big legs don’t fret, just take it easy in the gym with the leg workouts. Leg memes make it seem like they are the most important body part… They are not! I also recommend working out your upper chest so you can wear a v neck shirt and see that chest cut. Your belly should not be popping out of your shirt more than your chest as well. If your stomach is bigger then your chest then you should be working on fat loss. Click here to learn how to get abs the quickest way possible.



The Suit

All your suits must be tailored, but you know that already right? Wearing the wrong size suit can make or break how you look when you flaunt your body. Get a good tailor and make sure you get everything tailored (Including the dress shirt) You don’t need to buy the most expensive suit available. A cheap suit with a good tailor can do the trick. A man must have a suit in his closet.



Exercises To Look Good In Clothes

Here are a few exercises that you can do so you can look good in clothes.


The over head standing dumbbell press


The incline bench press


Dumbbell or barbell bicep curls


Pull ups and dips




Shoulder lateral raises



Fat Loss To Look Good In Clothes

If you are overweight then losing fat should be your primary goal within your fitness journey. Although a little fat can look good when wearing clothes because it can showcase some size. But an over bulky body will result in fat exploding out your fitted clothing and cause your shirts to look too tight. Take a long look in your mirror after a shower and give an honest critique of your body and determine if fat loss should be something you should focus on. I learned from working with many clients that fat loss is the major dilemma with most fitness goals. Get rid of the fat and your clothes will look better.


fit matters


In Conclusion

Getting fit is not the end all solution to looking good. Having some sense of style and knowing the right type of clothes to pick can help greatly in showcasing your hard work done at the gym. The most important part is picking the right size shirt and pants to complement your figure. Also getting a good tailor is not a bad idea. For more ways to look good in clothes and out of clothes check out my other blog posts that pertain to getting fit.


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