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How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Properly – Get More Dates


Here I am going to describe an easy way to get a girl’s phone number. This is a step by step plan to get a number from a girl after you approach. This should help you ask for the number in an easy way if you are having issues doing so.



First Things First

Before I get into telling you exactly what to say to get a girl’s phone number you should be approaching women. If you are not cold approaching women then how do you expect to get their phone numbers? You should be going up to women and starting conversations with them. Be normal which is tricky to say because what is normal? Don’t be a psycho! I will get to an article on how to be congruent but for the most part start a “normal” conversation. This comes with practice on how to cold approach a girl. But you must go up to women and talk to them. Duh.


A Number Is Not A Victory

The phone number is not a victory but an opportunity to see the girl again. Also it is an opportunity to see if she is worthy to go out with you. I know sounds harsh but it is true. You must be picky and see if the girl is just a waste of time or a possible person to have fun with. A woman can ruin a mans life in a number of ways. So if you get involved with a crazy girl… Good luck. Good crazy can be good but bad Crazy can be a nightmare, so be prepared.

What To Say

Now this is often asked from men who want to get a girl’s phone number that they find attractive. You must start a conversation and it’s an art to do so. Some guys are extroverts where this is the easy part but when it comes to the number asking they freeze up. Question asking is key but I will not get too deep into what to say in this article. Let’s get to how to get the phone number properly.


The Key Questions

Now after you been talking for a few minutes anywhere from 5-10 minutes give or take its time to get the phone number. Just asking for it helps but some guys do it awkwardly and may cause the girl to give shit tests. If you are not good at shit tests or to overcome rejections you could of messed up on getting a good lead. So here is how to do it so you can have a plan of action.

I will give you 4 questions to ask while in conversation that will lead to you getting her phone number.


What’s your name?

In the convo ask her name and continue the convo about what you are talking about. It is a good sign if she asks what your name is as well. If she doesn’t don’t worry about it too much.

How old are you?

This is also a good question because you can be playful by insinuating that she is too young or too old for you. Sometimes I don’t like asking this question because she might disqualify herself if there is a big age difference. Test it out for yourself and see!

Where do you live?

This is key because then you know if logistics is on your side. If she lives in Iceland and is visiting for the weekend then it might be a good idea to forget the number and make moves on an insta-date. This can help when making your list on who is the best person to go out with on a free night you have available. This question can tell you a lot although these questions are just lead ups to getting her number.

Where do you normally hang out?

This opens her up and also explains what she is all about. If she says the dive bar down the road or the church across town you basically have a good idea about her character. Although it can mean nothing as well. This question is the final question to lead in for getting her number.

The Lead In

After the “where do you normally hang out?” Question say this “give me your number, we should hang out sometime.” Once you say that be quiet and pull out your phone and wait. She will give you her phone number or you can give her your phone to so she can add her number. It’s as simple as that!


After You Get Her Number

Don’t run away after you get the number like you won a prize. Again a phone number is just an opportunity not a victory. Stick around and still talk to her. You don’t want a dead lead when texting her back. You need to create a great experience that she will remember and will also make her remember you.

The Text After

Once you get the number you should text her as soon as possible. A text right in front of her with your name and possibly something funny. Or a quick text like “this is ‘YOUR NAME’ and it was nice chatting with you” after you walk away. It is also important that you make the decision to leave first which could cause her to want more from you. The text after is key because now you are already texting her and you don’t get the awkward “who is this” response back. Also you end up being the man she is texting rather then the stranger who approached her.


In The End

Walk up to women and start conversations. If you can’t do that then start with a “hello” then when you get that down add a “how are you”. Baby steps if you have approach anxiety. Getting phone numbers are key to having an exciting dating life. You need the numbers to plan dates. Again the number is not a victory but an opportunity to set dates.




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