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How To Eat Pizza Regularly And Remain Super Fit

Pizza is the most popular food in the world.

Sicilian, regular, grandma, there are endless amounts of pizza every corner you turn.

Especially in New York City you can get the dollar slice pizza or a personal pie.

Options are endless.

Pizza is looked upon badly in the fitness world because of the amounts of bread and no real protein to take in (Unless you put that protein on top of the pizza).

I am here to tell you that you can have pizza in your life and still remain cut, fit and keep your gains you work hard for or hardly work for, if you follow my programs.


Let’s define moderation the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behavior or political opinions.

You should eat pizza and doing mostly everything in your life in moderation.

I am not going to tell you that you can eat pizza everyday and still remain a SuperFitMan.

Although it is possible but you will get sick of it.

I love pizza but if I had it everyday I would eventually get tired of it and need a break.

If you eat pizza in moderation there is no problem with having it and enjoying it.


When to eat pizza

I personally feel the best time to eat pizza is anytime I feel like it.

This is because I have self control and mastered my “diet”.

I have what I want when I want but most people are not on that level yet.

The best time to have your pizza is after a weight lifting workout.

Carbs should be taken in after a weight training workout anyway.

I tend to eat anywhere from 5 to 6 slices of a pie. I can not just have one or two pieces because it Is never enough for me.

I also tend to order personal pies which I personally eat with one sitting.

I can really eat pizza whenever I want but respectfully. Meaning 2 times a week and have it count as a meal.

So let’s say a pie a week. 5 to 6 slices a sitting. Although I just eat pizza when I feel like it.


What kind of pizza should you eat

I love all pizza but my favorite is Sicilian. I also love the personal brick oven pizza pies.

Now the key is to have protein with pizza. I am a believer that every meal you should have some sort of protein.

For personal pies I tend to order whole wheat personal with grilled chicken and spinach on top. Any topping will do but I do like to add chicken to my pizza.

With the Sicilian I also like to add chicken and some other sort of topping like mushrooms, peppers, spinach etc.

Now I do have pizza without toppings and that is personally fine but adding protein will make it a superfitman meal.

If I have pizza without toppings I tend to eat a salad with chicken, tuna or any protein on top with the pizza.

If this is your last meal after a weight training workout you would be able to eat like a king.

This includes a few slices of pizza and a full salad with protein on top.



Timing is important no matter what level of fitness you are on.

The more fit you are the more you can take advantage of your joy for pizza.

The level I am at now I eat it when I want but I still need to time it sparingly.

After a weight training workout is the best time like discussed earlier and once or twice a week if you are going to over do it like I do and eat a full pie.

Now I would keep my other meal or meals during that day light in preparing to eat as much pizza as I like.

Maybe a salad or something healthy but nothing like a trip to a buffet or a huge meal. Keep it normal and light then you can enjoy your pizza like me.

For those not on my level and looking to lose a lot of fat or slightly above the 10-12 percent body fat I would prepare a little more for your night with pizza.

Either keeping it light the day of you eating your pizza or the next day keeping it light with eating and also light with carbs.

Pizza is full of bread as you should know.

I tend to eat like a caveman and bread is man made.

Though I am a man that enjoys life and remains fit effortlessly so I will eat pizza and you should too.

Just preparing yourself will make your fitness journey a lot easier no matter what level of fitness you are on.



  • You can eat pizza and remain superfit.
  • Try to add protein to your pizza
  • Eat pizza after a weight training workout
  • Prepare to eat pizza with planning your other meals that day or the next day
  • Depending on what level of fitness you are on determines on how much and how many days you can enjoy pizza in a week or month.


Comment about your love for pizza and fitness



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