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How To Be A Super Fit Parent: Raise Your Child And Stay In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Having children is the one of the most rewarding prizes of life. I learned a lot from being a parent and taking care of someone besides myself. It is hard work and it takes up a lot of your time. Many of your hobbies have to be put aside especially once your child is born. The first few years can be tough to find time to take care of your health, to build muscle and be super fit.

I am going to give you a few tips and tricks to take care of your body and be a super fit parent.


Your Eating Habits

If you are super fit now or on your way to becoming SUPERFIT and your having a child, please do not start taking shortcuts with your eating habits. Fast food is always a bad choice when it comes to your health. Although certain fast food choices (if you must go to these places) can become a healthy choice. Order salads or wraps from McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway etc. They might not be the most healthiest choices but for a fast meal when taking care of your child, it can help tremendously.


Before The Baby Is Born

Don’t eat like your pregnant significant other.  She is going to have cravings and want to mix tacos with chocolate milk. It can be easy to eat like your preggo lover but don’t fall victim. Stay on track and eat like we teach here at SUPERFITMEN.

baby born

When The Baby Is Born

Once the baby pops out, most of your time will be dedicated to your new-born. Everything else will be put aside and finding the time to build muscle and lose fat can get scarce. Stick to a schedule of weight lifting! You can dedicate at leave 3 hours a week (an hour a day for 3 days a week) to working out your body. Maintenance is key to being SUPERFIT and keeping in shape will not only help your health but also your families health as well.


Teaching Your Child A Healthy Lifestyle

Remaining healthy and creating positive eating habits can help your family. Your healthy lifestyle will rub off on your child and keep your kids in great shape as they grow up. Meal prep can save you a lot of time and you can cook with your child for a fun experience. Foods that children love like pizza and burgers should be eaten in moderation. Teaching your children this can be so important to there well-being. Obesity is a huge issue in America so leave the fast food and high fructose corn syrup to a minimum.


Now The Tips!

TIP 1: Workout From Home

Buy some type of workout equipment or program where you can workout under your own roof. This can be a back up plan when you can’t make it to a gym or you can just buy a full program. Most programs make you dedicate 3 months to fitness which is more than an enough time to get back into shape. If you are already super fit then it can be a huge time saver to get your workouts done at home. A shower can be taken right after and transportation to the gym is non-existent. Even getting yourself some dumbbells or being creative with calisthenics like a pull bar on your door way is all you need. Putting two chairs together and doing dips is also a great idea. There are many options to working out at home that are great.

TIP 2: Join A Gym With A Daycare

If you don’t want to workout at home or just want to get out the house, join a gym with a daycare. Bring your child to the gym and get out the house. There are plenty of gyms that have this option and at a small additional cost. The gym I go to it is free! I sometimes workout with my son being a cheer leader. As long as he is not touching the weights and getting hurt it can definitely be a good idea. Teach them how to workout and it will be an experience they will remember forever. A lot of gyms have cameras on treadmills where you can keep an eye on your child while you run. If you are a single parent this a great option to be able to workout at a gym.

TIP 3: Stay Away From The Snacks

My son has all the best snacks. I buy them for his lunch box when he goes to school. Dipping into his snacks often can add-on unnecessary calories. It can get out of hand if you are snacking on sweets daily and also take a toll on your grocery shopping list. Having your child eat healthy snacks will help you stay fit because if you do sneak a snack or two, it won’t do too much damage. Even though you are a parent now, still eat like a cave man. Wake up, hunt, kill then eat. Teach your child this in a fun way so he understands how to remain super fit.

TIP 4: Don’t Eat In The Morning

I know you want to make your child breakfast before he or she goes to school. This is totally fine and I agree that your child should eat breakfast. Although you should NOT be eating breakfast. Having your child go to school hungry is not a good look. He might act out and not perform well in school. It can be tempting to snack on cereal you are giving your child or take a piece of toast for yourself. Don’t do it! 

Intermittent fasting should be practiced and breaking a fast with something like a single piece of bread will defeat the purpose. Stay fasted and 20-30 calories is as high as your intake should go. For example a splash of skim milk in your coffee. Any sort of sugar from a piece of a pop tart or a sausage link will break your fast. Stay fasted and committed to your fitness. It is really easy and you are making it hard.

TIP 5: Replace Nonsense With Your Health

I know you watch a couple hours of TV every night. Most people do. Shut the television off and fit a workout into your day. The dozens of TV shows that people watch can be put on hold. On demand and other types of luxuries can record your favorite show for when you have time. I would recommend cutting down TV viewing all together. Watch tv with your child and forget about Game of Thrones. That’s an hour you could have got busy in the gym. Other types of hobbies can be minimized so you can fit working out in. There is always time it is just that you are lazy.

TIP 6: Your Child Comes First

This will be the last tip of How To Be A Super Fit Parent because fitness shouldn’t be taken that serious. Always pay attention to your child and don’t put them second on your list with anything else you are doing. Your child comes first and if you miss a workout here or there it is no big deal. It is sometimes beneficial to your muscle growth and central nervous system when you take rest days. Training at the gym with a day care or working out from home makes it possible to not mess up your workout schedule. If your child is sick or needs help with homework, skip the gym. It is not that serious.

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