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How SuperFitMen Should Eat

The way you eat is very important to your success and goals to building your perfect body. I will not lie to you and tell you there is a secret pill or workout that will transform your body. It is work to get the body you want but once you figure out the right things to do… it just becomes effortless.

Eating what you want in moderation is the best formula. A SuperFitMan can eat out, have fun and do what he wants when he wants.

It’s all about training yourself to know the material so it is second nature.

You will effortless be able to stay at a low body fat and it will be easy to keep it that way.

You will be able to live it and own the information I am sharing with you.

All you have to do is visit this page and read the articles.

Read the articles more then once.

You will retain more of the information and be able to follow through with your goals.

Let me stick to the topic of how a SuperFitMan eats.


On Weight Lifting Days

I incorporate intermittent fasting. Everyday.

It’s the easiest way to stick to a low body fat and eat what I want, when I want.

On days that I lift weights, I have a higher carb intake. Meaning I eat carbs after a weight training workout and I usually eat them at night.

Now if you workout in the morning I will add carbs to your last meal of the day and the same goes for if you workout in the evening.

Its called carb back loading in the fitness world.

Look at it this way, you lift weights to build muscle and you need the carbs after the weight workout to do that.

Protein should be included in every meal so I won’t get to anal about explaining that but carbs is the key on weight training workouts.

Don’t over do it.

Moderation is the magic word as a SuperFitMan.

What carbs to eat?

Nothing man made or try not to eat anything man made.

Brown Rice and potatoes are two great muscle building carbs that will help you.


On cardio, HIIT etc. Days

This is when you can take it easy on the carb intake. Depending on your level of fitness determines how much carbs you should take in.

It should be less carbs then your weight training day.

If you are at good place with your fitness goals you can take in more carbs but still keeping it lower then on your weight training.

If you have a lot of fat to lose try to keep the carbs low.

Counting calories is not what I do. I am trying to get you to live effortlessly with your fitness so you will own this material I am telling you.

Keeping carbs low with only one meal will be ok.


On Rest Days

Your carb intake on rest days should be extremely low even non existent.

You should try to not take in any carbs on days you are not being active.

If you do take in carbs try to keep it light and stick with the non man made carbs.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days I would eat 6 slices of pizza on a rest day and be perfectly fine but again moderation is key. See my post ~here~ about how to do that.

Try to take it easy with eating on rest days cause I know it can get out of hand. If you are just starting out with your goal as a SuperFitMan then be strict at first.


There you go, some information on how to eat as a superfitman.SuperFitMan.

There is more to it but this is just a gist and piece of the easy puzzle.

Now follow what I tell you and make the change in your life you deserve.

Fitness should be easy and once you own this material I share, you will see great results.


Comment below on what you like to eat and what kind of carbs you eat for best results



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