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Healthy way of living using the 80/20 ratio

It is important to remain healthy as you get older. It’s common sense and everyone knows this right?

Although as many get older they fall into bad habits and changing these habits as they age remains extremely hard.

When you get use to a certain way of living it will take a massive amount of effort to follow a different path. When you do try to get on a healthy way of living, it must be a mental change not physical.

Once you decided you are going to live healthy in your mind then your body will follow suit. Now when having to kick your bad habits to the curb, going 100% healthy all the time will not be the right way to go about it.

You should be 80% healthy and 20% fulfillment of what you enjoy.

Even if it is unhealthy.

Moderation is key to your fitness success and life goals in general.


Now your 80% should be clean eating

This is everything you need to eat to build your perfect body. Six packs are made in the kitchen and if you want them you should be following a strict guideline to eating healthy.

Now it is not that hard as it seems.

You can eat right and enjoy healthy food.

That broccoli or vegetable that you are not crazy about will begin to taste good when you cut your bad habits. See, when you are eating bad and having these foods with high sugars, high fructose corn syrup, they take over your taste buds as tasting good. The healthy foods taste bad to you because it is your body rejecting them. Once you rid yourself of these unhealthy high sugar foods, they will in turn start to not taste as good and the healthy foods will be what you crave.

Now don’t get me wrong, you may always crave pizza or a double cheeseburger but moderation is key to enjoying these foods.


Now here comes to the 20%

This portion of living is defined as living it up. Unhealthy foods, partying hard, recreational drugs, and living dangerously. Now you still can’t let your life get out of hand because it easily can if you make the wrong decisions.

Some bad choices can change your life forever.

So really understand that this 20% shouldn’t be taken lightly. But I am saying you should be enjoying yourself and not taking your eating choices too seriously. It’s not an “anything goes” type of living but it’s just some time to have fun and enjoy yourself.


So what I am saying here is 80% of your life should be strict planning, focused living, healthy eating, goal orientated activities, and positive actions.

The 20% should be eating what you want, partying, living on the edge, trying new things, and forgetting about tomorrow.

Vacation is a great way to be in the 20% and to reset your life.

Eating healthy and living your life to the fullest is the ultimate goal. There are ways to use the 20% of unhealthy eating to your advantage. I discussed in a few posts and you can check out one out by clicking here.

The 80/20 ratio is the best way to remain a happy person while remaining a superfitman.




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