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Having fun in the gym


You go to the gym for results.

You want to see gains and develop a body you are proud of.

The gym can also not only be aesthetics but mental health.

It is a fact that going to the gym can make you more happier with your life.

That being said it is important to be having fun when working out.Taking your workout plan and gym visits too serious will result in headaches and stress.

Fitness should be effortless and worrying about results will only hinder your progress.

As long as you are consistent and doing workouts that causes results you will be ok.

The gym should be a fun experience and make you feel like you accomplished something.

Walking out the door of your gym and going home knowing that you did something with substance.

There will be certain exercises that you will enjoy more then others.

Don’t let this turn you off and look at it how you look at life.

There will be things you don’t want to do in life but MUST do to be successful.

It’s more about the journey you go through.

The exercises that come easy will be the body parts you are stronger with.

If you have a stronger chest then you will get more satisfaction and validation doing chest exercises.

The weaker muscles should be your main focus and the fun of building them up to what you want is the joy of working out.

From what I read in Arnold Schwarenegger’s biography “Total Recall” he goes on to say that he liked to broadcast his weak muscles.

His calves were not as big as he liked so he use to always have them out to show.

It reminded him that he should show his weaknesses and work on them.

He traveled far to learn tips from others and worked on them daily to get them to where he wanted.

Feeling good when working out your body should be a primary focus.

If it’s cardio, weight lifting, HIIT etc. it should be an experience of joy and accomplishment.

I like to listen to music, audio books, or lectures while doing what I do.

Working out with a focused partner is great too.

As long as you are moving forward to reaching your goals, the fun should just come.

Doing classes such as fight fit, spin, yoga, etc can add to the fun.

Meeting people and making your gym experience more enjoyable.

Have fun and see results!



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